Monday, January 03, 2011


Gosh its a new year this year already and i cant belive tht its gonna be my last year with the 1s in my age.

i had an awesome new year's eve. cant believe my hollies were only 2 weeks.
but it felt seriously long. felt like a month of hollies. Maybe coz i was so busy i hardly had anytime to feel bored. heh. anyways..

i spent new year's Eve with 3 small boys. xD
B, Nick and Joe. we went out on the 30th and sleepover at joe's place and hang out the whole of 31st together. we went to the curve again this year. but it was definitely a better new year's eve for me and the rest of us. =) compared to last year tht is.As usual, the fireworks was the highlight of my night. seriously! they were so pretttyyyyy! =))))))))))

especially when you are looking at them pwetties with people who are close to you and who you love. =) so yup! had a great one. and guess wht? on the 2nd at 12 midnight. i had problems sleeping. the Phobia came back. coz on the 2nd of Jan 2009, my hse got robbed after i went to bed. and so before i went to bed the day before yday i felt really worried for some reasons. coz the situation before i went to bed was exactly like hw it was last year and so it triggered the memories of wht happened. so yeah.. had trouble sleeping.

anyways i spent the 1st in seremban at my cousin's wedding. =)
had fun! its always fun getting to reunite with my cousins and aunties n uncles.
and i drank quite a fair bit of wine tht day. =P
hahahaa but i didnt get myself drunk. I noe my limits. ;)

and Yes, the 3rd, here i am in college using my friend's lappie.
hahaha.. yeahhh goshh time is just flying crazily fast..
and im gonna be away from the internet life for a while..
coz theres no more internet at home now.. =( got cut off..
and besides, before this i could hardly use the comp coz it ws always occupied.
and now, no internet connection at home. so like tht lah.. heh..

really cant wait to get my pay.. =D
and results.. ahhh.. mid jan.. its coming out in mid jan..
Ooooh! and college now have more stuffs than just a library.
theres a dance studio which im super phsyced about !
and a gym ... which i'll be visiting really often now..
in fact, im going to the gym with the girls after class.. =D

cool. Few new year's resolution in my head atm..

1.Get myself a lappie
2.Ace My A2 examinations in May/June out like siao till i become daaayummm fit! *wink wink* =D
4. I sooo hope the plans to go KK will carry on.

so yup! thts abt it for nw!
and yes, im still working..
teaching dance in USJ 12. and the sampling jobs..
and promoting jobs.. well they're on hold for the moment.
so yup! Free-er nw to meet up with pals..
tho, cash is running reaaallllyyyy dry. =S

till next time!

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