Thursday, August 09, 2012

Utter Disappointment.

Be offended, not.
This entry will be nothing but the true feelings of the author, deep down within.

Whenever i am given a task, whenever i commit myself to something, whenever i accept a particular responsibility, I will make sure that i get it done. I will make sure that i do it well. I will make sure that i give it my best.

When I work for this particular company, even though i do not get any commission from doing more work or getting more sales, I do it still. People question me.

" If you dont get any commission from selling more or doing more work? Why so bodo go do? Chill only la. "
Yes. That is a pretty pleasing thought but still, that is not how i roll.
As long as you treat me fairly, as long as you tell me before hand what my pay is, what my working hours are and where i will be working, I am contented and i will shut up and do my job, Well, if i may add.
That is all i ask for. Too much to ask for?

Dear promoters around the world, reading this, I am sorry if this offends you, but How the heck do you guys even work without finding out what your pay is?!
I just dont get it?! How in the world, do you stand there, for 8 - 12 hours, working, sweating, yada yada without finding out what Your salary for the day is?! Aren't you working because you want to earn some extra cash? if that is so, how can you stand there for so many hours, guessing, the whole time, wondering, what your salary for the day is?! I mean like, SERIOUSLY?! HOW?

I for one, can never, ever, ever start working when i dont know how much i will be earning for the day. Again, do not be offended, but in my honest opinion, that is not a very smart move!

This is the very reason why so many people get cheated and lied to in their face! Have you not heard of them stories where people work and end up not getting paid a single cent for all their hard work? Earth to you, yes, it happens and it had better not have happened to u!

So anyways, Today, was sort of my last straw with this company.
I have had enough with all the issues that revolve around this company.
All of these opinions are nothing but my most humble opinions. If you dont like it, you can stop reading.
This company, they are so unorganized, they are so last minute, so irresponsible with regards to certain matters, irresponsible when it comes to taking care of the well fare of their employees and the list goes on. I have helped them out throughout the years i have worked with them. Even when i was really busy. But when they stopped acting like my employers and started treating me like a 'family friend of the company' I started putting up my guard against their every movement. I became really cautious. For me, it is a really simple equation. Work = Work. Friends = Friends.

I can be your friend and i can help you out whenever you are in need.
But when i work, make sure you pay me what i should be paid.
Unless you are a family member or a really super damn close friend, there are no such things as FAVOURS when it comes to work. it is simple.


U see, my boss really dislikes discussing matters regarding our salaries.
She would brief you about everything and anything regarding the job EXCEPT your salary which, in fact, is the most important factor.
And that is why, EVERY SINGLE TIME we start work, all the other promoters would start asking each other, " Eh, today, how much is our pay ah? " WITHOUT FAIL. ALL THE TIME. And most of them would go, " I dunno worh.. gosh..hope it is not too little. " U kidding? This is not even suppose to happen weihhh!
And again, for the thousand and one time, no offense but most of the time, all of them promoters have no balls to actually ask about their pay! EVERYONE WANTS TO KNOW! BUT NOOOO ONE WANTS TO ASK.

why so?

easy. = No one wants to be the bad guy.

Typical huh? Everyone wants to get the benefits but everyone wants to discard the crap.

But heck care. I ALWAYS.. ALWAYS ask about these 3 simple and yet, really important things. Where, How long, How much. I will NOT start work without knowing these 3 things before hand. That is why, when we are being paid unfairly, i would be the spokesperson for the whole team. i will be the bad guy. I will take the bullet for the team. I will be the one known as ' Calculative ' .

Today, i will admit. Our pay wasn't as satisfying and pleasing. It wasn't as fair. But nevertheless, i let it go and just accepted it. I knew, and the others didn't because #1, My supervisor didn't want to ask the boss. she either found it unnecessary (which i still cannot bring myself to understand why? ) or she was lazy, and felt it to be a hassle. But IMHO, as the supervisor, it is your duty to of course supervise your team and also be the spokesperson for your team. To take care of your team. You should be the one communicating to the boss and you, communicating to us, the team. It should not be the case where the promoters themselves are calling and contacting the boss and asking information and stuffs about our job. They DO call it delegated legislation for a reason. So if your own supervisor have no balls to do their job, you tell me how?

So i got really fed up when i kept getting the  " I dont know " answer from my supervisor. So, as usual, i had to take things into my own hands, and find out what our salary for the day is. So anyways, after finding out and accepting it as it is, I conveyed the message to the rest of the team. And when i did, they started comparing our salary for today and the salaries next week.

Salaries next week =  EXACT SAME TIME, but higher pay.
Salary today = EXACT SAME SALARY, but lower pay.

Very unreasonable, i know.
Very illogical. but i did weigh out the circumstances where we had the pleasure of going home early for some of the days because there was simply no people to interact with and how it was sort of a win-win situation. A give and take situation. Hence, i didn't complain and chose to accept it as it is. But the rest of the team got pretty unsatisfied about the day's salary and so everyone agreed to call up the boss because our supervisor wouldn't do it, and to ask her about it. Everyone asked me, of course, as usual, to ask. But this time, i said no. I knew the boss would feel very unhappy abt it and yada yada because i've always been standing up for my rights. But i've never tried to influence a whole team of people to fight for a higher salary. i have always done it professionally and personally, one on one. If i felt MY salary was not reasonable, i would talk it out and i would confront the matter.

So i said no. then everyone started looking at each other, trying, hoping, for a volunteer. So anyways, in the end, someone agreed to do it. Let me remind you again how i did not complain about the salary and how i refused to be the one to call the boss. So when the volunteer called the boss, guess what i over heard?

" Was it Celine who made you call me? "
and yada yada yada more hurtful disappointing stuffs -----------------------

Even though i did not complain, even though i was not the one who called but in the end, i was still the one to blame. I was still the bad guy. i was still the one who took the bullet for the team.

it may sound like a petty thing to you.
but for me, it was an utter disappointment!

I work so hard! I try my best all the time, i try to get the most sales, i go out of my way to give tip top performance during work even when i'm sick! AND THIS, IS HOW, you show appreciation for my efforts and hard work? even though i dont freaking get any commission, i still try to sell ALL the stocks up to the point of losing my voice. Even though i dont get any commission, i still try to give out the most free stuffs and what nots even though my name is not printed and published on all the efforts i put into getting the job done, Well.  I still get the same pay. It is YOU, the company, who benefits from such hard working employees like me. ( not to boast, but i do work very hard )

Excuses i get from friends?
" You are highly demanded in the company and by the clients of the company. If i were to ask questions that you ask, they would tell me, thank u, its ok, u dont have to come to work tomorrow. thank you for your time but you can go work else where, and tht would be the end of me. But for you, it is different. They want you and they like you. "

I wont deny that i do agree with the statement above but still, i really do not appreciate two faced people who act all nice and hehehe infront of you but back bite you.

These kind of people, i dislike the most. You have an issue with me? Come and say it to my face. Dont go around back biting me.

So today was the last day for a particular roadshow. And tmr would be another new roadshow. But I have decided that Friday would be my last day working with them, ever.

This is not the sole reason why i have decided to stop working with this company.
But it is definitely ONE of the many reasons why i have decided so.
I am really upset with whatever that happened today.
Even though there is a drastic difference between my pay for tomorrow and on friday, I still accepted it without complaining or demanding for a higher pay. Unless it is really very totally unreasonable, i would rather not stir up an argument. AND YET, I WAS STILL THE ONE TO BLAME!

i can save my ass and redeem my own ass by calling the boss. By telling the truth of wht happened today. That is what the working world is like kan? every man for himself. I can easily do that and let the real people take the bullet themselves. But no, i did not and i will not.

Why not? i haven't really come to a proper conclusion yet.
But this is what i have chosen and i will stick to my decision.
I guess i'm just not that kind of person who would bring another person down just to save my own ass and reputation. If this is what you think of me, then so be it. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and perspectives.

But i have said it and i will say it again,
I am really upset and disappointed with whatever that has happened.
And just so you know, even after hearing what you said, i still continued my job with a smile and still performed the way i have always been performing. Because this is called professionalism, commitment and responsibility. I refuse to allow my emotions and feelings affect the way i perform during work, dance or whtever it is i have committed myself to.

I wish you all the best in Your Business. It was fun while it lasted, but this is the last goodbye. (oh so dramatic) pfft. shuddap. :P


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