Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Darleg! xD

Haha hello! sorry for the long emo post there. =/ things are definitely better now. Had annual dinner on saturday! wohoo! was suppose to go for akon, but ended up a misunderstanding and the tickets were given away. =( but on the brightside! Ks was suppose to go but he had to do smth else in the end and i replaced his spot in annual dinner. =) such a blessing to go for last year's and this year's annual dinner for free! =) i really had a super duper lot of fun that night! ^^ .. =) of course, i have tons of pictures but i've no time to blog! so heres just a quick update. and pictures are on facebook. easier. dun need to wait for it to load 5 by 5. =P and sry lydia and jovenne! pictures of outreach tht day havent upload. =X soon! sry!

sides that, hmm.. alot has been happening.
so much that i cant keep track off. and times really flying!
u know.. Spm is in about 20 more days.. minus the sundays..
18 days! although no ones ever totally fully ready for SPM..
i cant wait to be done with Spm really! hahaha..
Bring it on honayyy! =P

today was a nice day. My teacher tht i talked about in the previous post,
well, he taught today! =) tho he's still not as fluent as he used to be..
HE'S BACK! =) awesomee! was so happy to see him back, teaching. =)
and he remembers me now! he remember my name! =) whee. xD
cool cool. ^^ JIA YOU TEACHER! =)

alrighty larh. thats abt wht i've been doing. heh.
Besides studying of course. =P
And today was fun! Made someone shyyyy! =P lalalalalala~!
hahaha seriously, it was funny seeing you that shy for the first time!
hohohoho~! =P blek.

PS: about my entry title. =.= some unknown number called me. miss called actually. so i smsed.. "?? You are?" and replied "How are you"? i said.."Who are you?" Replied .. "Nepel Warrag, You?" I said, "Do i know you? heh. i probably dont since you dont even know me. =.=" and replied.." Ok. Bai Bai Darleg" Me.. =.=................. DARLEG?! loler larh. hahahaha. funny tho. and someONE hor.. keeps using that against me hor.. *Stares* Pffft! Darleg la u. xD

Good week to you all.
Pray for me pray for me. Loves!

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