Friday, October 23, 2009

What If One Day You Forget Everything You've Ever known?

Dear Teacher,

I know u have forgotten alot of things,most of all you've known. But students like me have not forgotten you. when i heard the news about you, i was really shocked and worried. But today, today was really a shocking plus sad day for me.. i talked to u yesterday but you didn't really show any response to me. i thought u were just busy. But today, today when i passed by ur place, i greeted you and said "Hey teacher! long time no see!" and u showed no reaction... At all. And suddenly u used ur hand gesture calling me over to ur place. At that moment.. question marks were playing in my mind. And then u said.. " Cikgu Sudah Lupa.." with ur sad face.. lost.. and confused.. ur words stuned me. i.. i didn't know what to say.. and i asked you.. "Cikgu langsung tak ingat?" and u replied.. "Cikgu ingat sedikit sahaja." Again.. i was stuned.. thinking of what to say. And then i introduced myself again. exactly the way i did almost 2 years ago. "Cikgu, nama saya Yap Kah May. Saya dari kelas 5 Bestari" i had to fake a smile.. but in my heart, i was really really sad. Sadness filled me the minute u told me u've forgotten and u cant remember. Teacher, u were one of the close teachers to me in school and it breaks my heart to see you this way.. there was totally nothing i could say to make u feel better. and u just sat there.. staring blankly at ur table.. feeling hopeless.. i pat u on the shoulder and said.. "Don't worry teacher, in time.. , in time you'll gain back your memory again..!" and u just looked at me and nod ur head and stared blankly at your table again. i stood there. didn't know just wht to do or say. and i left.. as i walked back to class, total sadness filled my soul. i was really really sad for you teacher. words cant really describe just how i felt. the minute i reached class.. chi wing, khai yein and boon sin noticed the change of emotions in me. As i explained what just happened to them.. tears started to fill my eyes, but i held them from flowing out.. Sigh. teacher...

i felt so sad but i thought. NO! i wont give up on you. i'll gain back and help you remember! i'll help you remember what i can help you remember. About school.. or the students u were close with. and etc. i sat behind of the class.. and started to write a letter to you. a long long letter. I even asked you to read back the card i made for you last Hari Raya. That small card made you so happy. I still remember the first time u entered my class last year during EST period. u were teaching us about Were wolves! u even did sound effects with priceless facial expressions to describe what you were talking about. u were always cheerful, happy, bouncy, filled with expressions, u always had a smile on your face without fail, you were and still is one of the favourited teachers among the students! the first time you taught us.. i thought, hey.. i like this teacher! =) you made a really good impression on us students and now teacher, we want to help you back! You always advise us and you never once scold us or force us to do anything. You were like a father to us, teacher. you were the joyful one among the teachers. i remembered how u complain that people are paying money to lose weight and here you are spending money to get fat. xD ahhh u were such a jovial one. Teacher, u might have lost your memory but i'm so glad and thankful that you're alive! you got the chance to continue living your life.. and the best part is.. you are not retarded like most people would be.. you are physically perfectly fine. teacher, in time, your memory will come back. thats for sure. I know it would be hard.. but please be patient teacher.. you have us.. and your family and friends to remember! Never Give Up! coz we wont give up on you! We miss the old cheerful you teacher.. So dont be sad anymore because the ones who love you will feel even more sad to see you this way. We're thankful for your second chance in life.. and you should too! live every second to the max teacher! Dont waste it, even for a second.

When i went down to pass the letter to you, you were sitting with the other guy teachers but you were just,staring blankly again at something. Like you were lost in thoughts. thinking what you should do with your life. that kinda look. and when i called you to tell you i've a letter for you, imeadiately a smile lit up your face. but just for a while. and you zonked out again. the next time i passed by the staff room, i saw u sleeping on your table. well, i assumed you were sleeping. i hope you werent crying. Were you? I guess the reason why you're back in school now is because they want to help you remember about your work place and all. Dear teacher, you will, i know you can!

I promised myself to visit you in school during my recess time. to talk to you and find out how you're doing.

Teacher, i hope you get well soon. We miss you.

Your student who really care,miss and love you,


  1. Yea.
    Honestly oso emo.
    But i'm... you know, sadistic and evil.
    Felt a bit emo for him.
    I mean many memories
    It really sucks that way.
    God will do something.
    I know He will.
    Trust Him. ;D


  2. wahhhhhh so long.
    v emo la
    lazy to read
    cheer up. hahaha
    benson's lastest post also emo
    whats happening =='''


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