Monday, November 02, 2009

I've Got you~! =)

Well i wanted to put up some pictures but i think my com kena virus coz of JJ's L4D! :( jovenneeeeeee ur B's L4D gave me virus! T_T so yeah. this was the only picture i could upload. an now, i cant see any pictures, music or anything! its all 0! ahhhhhhhh. =(

Anyhoo, thats a birthday present from Aunt Emily! =) thank u! hehe. Xiao Wu Ying also gave me a belated bday prezzie but but i could nt upload it. well, its a purple cow.. lol! those hand wrist support for mouse one. hahha. pretty cute. =) thanks xiao wu ying! =)

All American Rejects concert was Great when they came out to sing! but overall, the whole event sucked.Obviously they rocked the place when they performed! but overall. the whole event was terrible. Seriously terrible. Organizing and Planning totally = FAIL. was there since 2pm-11.40pm. tho, the thing only started at 6pm. or rather SUPPOSED to start at 6pm. y 2pm then? Lining up & all ya know. So had to be there early. but when we reached there.. =.=... the line was so short only. Not like david archuletta's one. it was craaazieee! this shows how much fans David Archuleta has.! =P anyways.. me and benroy was like.. darn.. we came too early. by 3pm the line went all the way to the back. heh. the sucky part was that there was so much technical problems and they made the crowd wait standing there.. cramped up.. like bodoh onlyfor one whole hour.. then someone comes out and sing one song and suddenly wait another hour. like WTH?! ya la. sucked. will blog a more detailed entry with pictures after spm! sry guys! =P busy laaaaaa...

just studied 5 chapters of chemistry. @_@. and.. my phone.. my phoneeeeeee! T_T its dying. it receives sms one whole day late. PLUS its lagging like some 100year old man. and my camera and video not functioning already. Zzzz. Bought it on 7.07.07. Quite a cool date ey? =P maybe its time i get a new phone! :P blek! hahaha... I was eyeing NOKIA 5730Xpress Music. but the volume of the phone when playing music is just so SOFT! softer than my phone! and they call it express music?! tsk tsk tsk.. so yeah. I've eyed a new phone! NOKIA E63! aww yeaaaah! i will get it. Believe ! believe i will! i believe so too! mwahahahahaha. I really love that the headphone plug in is those standard ones. Woo! love the qwerty keyboard, love the red colour. =D Love love love! that phone is loveeeeeeeeeee!

its 12 days till Spm! i exclude Sundays. =D SO YEAH MAN! this is it! THIS ... IS... IT! the moment we've all been waiting for. at least i think we are. =P

So yes, i'm happy today coz a relationship between me and someone has been mended today. hmm. i think it is. Well, its the first day, first step. SO lets hope it gets better? =] Feels Goooood. A feeling of relief. ;) Imma get back to my books now. Will try to update from time to time.!

Miss me! =P

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