Monday, November 09, 2009

Bitter Sweet.

7th November 2009.

it was mum's 52nd birthday! i really thank God for giving me such a good,loving,kind,generous,funny,cheerful mother. I wouldn't trade her for anyone else! she's really just.. the BEST ever ever ever mummy. i could ever ask for. Sorry Ma that things didn't really go the way it should that day. Felt like a failure coz i failed to give u the day of your life. =( but i'm happy i got to cheer u up both times you felt so down. aaah. nvm. it has passed. Just felt really crappy really. You give me the world and i wish i could do the same for you. Of course, this birthday was not one of the best birthday. But do not worry! YOU'LL HAVE TONS MORE TO CELEBRATE WITH ME! =) and i'll try to give you the best birthdays i can. I love you so much ma. Thank you so much for everything. You know, although i see you everyday, i miss u alot when you're at work. =/ i really dont know what i'd do without this beautiful woman. =) I LOVE YOU MUMMY!!!


On the very same day, a very close friend's father .. passed away.
It was indeed a bitter sweet day. i was just so shocked.
i didn't know what to do.. =( it was so sudden. even for them.
My greatest condolences, Aunt Carol,Elaine,Evonne and Calvin.

I never thought that the next time i visit you're hse.
would be today. for a "wake" service.
No one would've ever thought this.
no one expected this.
but it has happened. and i'm really sorry that it has.

but always remember, that theres a Father in Heaven, still is and always will be watching over all of you. so will be the many people who loves this family dearly. We're here for you, always remember that.

I just came back from their hse.
and tmr would be the funeral..
I wish i could do more. we feel so helpless..
but there isnt.

I will be keeping all of you in my prayers.
*Hugs Thightly*

- Take It To The Lord In Prayer -

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