Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Bad two days?

wooooooooh. these two days have been so oh-em-gee-nesss!
anyways i'll update short stuffs!

yesterday, i got my pizza hut voucher from teacher for taking part in The Star's Mag Inc competition. So i went with my mum and bro to the carefour one coz i thought carefour was better than the one opposite carefour..

I went to the worse pizza hut outlet ever in my life! customer service was -000.0 & the pizza was terrible! And they go charging us for customer service. Puik! There was no soft drinks and only got milo and tea. We wanted to buy set but no pepsi and all. so i asked if they would extra charge us. and they said no. after they came back, they said they will extra charge us. i mean come on man. u no soft drinks you should not extra charge us rite? zzz. the whole place only had two tables occupied. YET the pizza took one hour to come. PLUS when they gave us cold garlic bread, we asked them to change it and the waiter give us the Sour face, said TSK as if we were an annoyance and shake her head and walk away instead of saying sry. WTH?! and they charged us customer service. isssssssssh! when we called them over to give us the bill, the waiter ignored and went to a stall outside to chit chat with her friend?! i really felt like walking out without paying. urgh! Too bad she wasnt wearing any name tag. if not, she'd be answering to her management right now. NVR EVER GO TO THAT OUTLET. Blacklisted! PFFT! PLUS PLUS the pizza we ordered was the normal one and they gave us thin crust. hmm.. wht else? Oh right. the pizza was BURNT AND HARD LIKE ROCK. So much for a cheezy soft feel. :( so sad. wasted my voucher there. Haihs... Really really bad service. and food. Someone i'm very paticular about pizzas coz their my favourite. :(

totally turned me off lar. the pizza was so baddddd. so so bad. URGH.


banged my head on the wall by accident yday night b4 i went to sleep by accident! =( Bang so hard till my teeth hurt for a while. T_T AND boy did i have a bad bad morning. :( tried to heat up the garlic bread i bought from Pizza Hut Yesterday. It ended up burning and the whole hse was filled with smoke! =( i used a microwave. dunno y it burnt so badly! any ideas? =( i took out the foil. serious! not tht stupid k. =P summore the garlic bread was a new row! havent eat yet. PLUS it was cold and hard like rock. baaah. i smelled smth. tot it was the aroma of the garlic bread but after a while it smelt like smth was burning. went down stairs to find the whole living room and kitchen filled with smoke. When i opened the microwave door, yellow smoke came ... Read Moreout like a sandstorm! must be the butter or smth. T_T the whole bread was black + black liquid. was so hard scrubbing the plate! felt so baaaad! went to school smelling like i was on fire. Totally no mood in the morning.. rawr! put in to heat for 2-3 mins. Is tht too long? =/ haihhhhssss. The smoke was so bad my eyes were tearing! and i was coughing. was so hard to breathe. Blarh.

so yes. thats whts been happening.
just had study group with su mei and may suet.
thanks for teaching me addmaths may suet. =D

thats about it. hope my days get better. =/


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