Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Time Square and Sg Wang. =D

Its wednesday already! O.O

SO this is what happened. xD Ks and I planned to go watch a movie and then play bball. but at midnight Chelsea asked me whether i wanted to hangout with lyn,leb,him and xin ling at Time Square. HONESTLY? i've been wanting to go there! why? COZ thats the only place i can find those bag packs here. unlike JB, its everywhere! but in KL .. i only know tht area tht have these kinda bags. So yeah, asked ks whether can change plan and yup! agreed. ahaha. So the plan was to gather at the sri sinar bus stop at 9am. Ks would come walk me there at 8.30am. I set my alarm at 7.30am. BUT I NEVER WOKE! T_T......... wht happened to my alarm?! =/ i woke up when my grandma shouted...

You ren zhao Ni! (someones looking for you)
and i heard Ks's voice. i was like.. O..M...G!!!!!!

hahahahhaa. so i tot i'd faster brush my teeth and all tht. but then again, i'll feel bad making the others wait. so me and ks took ktm,lrt,monorail there while the other 4 took taxi. lol. SORRRRRRY! =( i nvr did this b4. =/ Neways, after reaching KL Sentral, we walked to the Monorail and waited.. waited.. and waited.. but it nvr came! O.O hmmmmmmmmmmm. then the announcer (very bad announcer. i cant understand a thing she said) lol. anyways said smth abt delay or smth. waited for half an hour.. and ppl were flooding the station..

Wait so long. it finally came. but guess wht.......

It broke down there. =.=........................ so we had to wait for the next one. rawr! anyways, finally reached TS by 11am. T_T so long. ahh.

They were playing pool.

So me and KS ambik gambar to burn time. WHY? COZ HE DELETED THE EARLIER PICTURES WE TOOK IN THE MORNING! ISH. how dare you! Hmmph! dun wan let u hold my camera edy. pfffffffft! anyways, after their game, ks and i battled against chelsea and leb. AND WE WON. mwahahahahahahhaa. tho we lost badly in the start. =P

Had MC Ds! =D and they had some offer. order large set and u get sundae cup ice cream, and a coca-cola cup! =D

Quite nice. haha. maybe coca-cola taste nicer with this cup. =P blek. hehe.
Then we went shopping! yay! =D GUESS WHAT I SAW! =)

WAHAHHA! CELINE FASHION! i din noe i had a shop in TS. =P i always see CELINI. CELINN. But no CELINE. this time really got! hahahahaha. =D cool cool! =)

Leb. =)

Chelsea. =)

Lyn Yie. =)

Xin Ling. =)

We walked untill all of us were really really tired. so we stoned at a bench for a while. hahahahaha.. then we headed to the bowling area! =P


Leb won the game with a score of 102. i think. =P

We all know where that ball went dont we? =P xD
Ks lost the game. Last. wahaha. =P

Chelsea! ended the game with a score of 81. Tie with me! bwahahahahah! =P

Caleb's pro shots. xD u can tell a story from it. xD look at the ball. dun look at me. ;)

Take 1

Take 2

Take 3. yay! middle! =P

No strike tho. =( left one


So in time square.. i bought ..

A belt! =)

and a cap for my lil bro as his bday prezzie. hehe. =)

then we headed to Sg Wang/Sg Wey . =D
btw. i was searching for them bag packs. saw alot in time square. both ex and cheap. but the designs.. hmm.. none that i was fond of. BUT! i finally felt satisfied with one. WOOT! =D

Nice nice nice?! =D my new baby! hehehehe... FINALLY WEI! ahhh. =) happy. xD tho looking for this baby wasnt a pleasant one! it was soooo tiring. i think i practically walked the whole of Time Square and Sg Wang for this bag. O.O tho i saw one .. really nice.. but it was ex. =( rm99.90. rm80 after discount. Rawr. no way. =( too ex. but i'm happy with wht i got. hehe. =) awesome! ^^ and the ladies there were really nice! =) they gave me a free gift after i bought the bag!

After i paid she handed me this. i asked her wht was inside. and she said, Open it and have a look urself. =)

Nice box weih!

Nice nice nice! =) so nice of them. hahaha. getting free gifts gives u a great feeling. really! hahaha. this was so random! coz all they sold were bags! and they gave me a pair of NICE earings for free! wow. =) with a nice box and nice wrapping summore! how niceee. and they din like give some cheap skit earing. hahahahaha. Yay. =D

So anyways, took the monorail,lrt and ktm home. and bro fetched me after tht. =) had a great day today. hahaha. feels nice! getting wht u've been wanting! =) Anyhoo.. i have decided for myself.. that today.. the outing with them would be the end of my holidays. =) its back to studying now.. and getting ready to retake my chem 3 and maths 1. and prepare for spm too. :D i had a nice 5 days of holidays! =) nice nice happening ones. hahaha. and i'm satisfied edy. ;)

So people! happy holidays while it last! haha. =)


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