Saturday, September 19, 2009

FRIM. =)

haha. I shall start my blog with cute cute burger. xD

Went FRIM with 9 people today! =) Vincent, kok lim, alex, Zhong Hao, Yi Jing, Pui Kwan, Burger and MUN YI! omg! mun yi came weI! =) my first time jogging with her. hahahaha. =P IT WAS COOL! coz usually alex and kok lim are always the first and they super fast one! i happy coz today not long after they reached the finish line i reached too! wohooooooooo~! =D hahahaa...

My morning started out well. =) MY BEST FRIEND FROM JB CALLED! aka KAW MENG CHUNG! awwwwwwwww.... thanks for calling. =) U made my morning. hahaa. =] So proud of him, he is now representing JOHOR for badminton! =) he's been going almost everywhere for competitions. next one is in terengganu. haha. =) miss you. cant wait to meet up after spm. =)

So vincent fetched me.. and mun yi,pui kwan and burger. met up with the rest at FRIM. We took loadsa group pics! =) but they're with Yi Jing. we used her phone to take. haha. will upload when i get it. =D So after jogging, we didn't go climb the hill this time. coz it rained. so yeah. dangerous. haha. anyways, after FRIM we went to eat Dim Sum at Jin Jang. =D

haha. they were looking at the pics they took at genting. tho burger,mun yi ,pui kwan and i couldn't join them coz had school. =( they came back from genting yday. haha.

LOL wei! i din realize the uncle behind wei! hahahahah! actually burger was looking at pui kwan. but i zoomed. and it looks as if the uncle and burger were lookng at each other. =P =P

Pui Kwan! =)


haha. poor zhong hao. his hair got messed up at the saloon. DUN WORRY. it'll grow bck. =D

Mun yi! wohoo! ahahahaha..

Xiu Yoong aka Burger!

Pui Kwan. =) Scout senior. hahaa.

Zhong Hao... Dislikes taking pictures. =)

But nobody can escape moi camera! nyahahahah! xD jahatnyer. =P

On the way back. =)

Chun chun! i took this picture by holding the camera above my head and the angle not bad weih! hahahahahahaha... pro pro. =P ehehe.


gtg! =)
seremban oh seremban. =))))


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