Friday, September 04, 2009

Trials Update.

hey darlyns.

trials been alright. first week done.

have 6 more subjects to go.
and the thing that pissed us all off was the changing of the timetable 3 times!
like c'mon lar. half way thru exam edy dont change can anot. =.=......

neways i've got bio and chem 3 on Monday.

and btw! my one week holiday was a bore.
study study study.
but the last two days were awesome. =D

went here and there.
went CHC after so long. and coincidentially it was their Annual Music Production! =) and then went KLCC with ah sun jie and her friend. and spent the remainings of Sunday with Hoe Hwa, Kah Fai and Chee Keong at OU. =D

and i got myself new kicks! those hip hop shoes. and ITS PURPLE! woooyehhhh! =D and and and those caps i've always wanted! I got a DC one and its purple too! its always too ex for me to buy. thats why i never got it. BUT GUESS WHAT?! i bought it on national day. and since it was the 52nd Birthday for Malaysia, It was 52% Off! WOO YEHHHHHHHHH~!!! nyahahahahahaha. =D bought my shoe from echo park and these two new stuffs are a gift from AH Sun JIE! wheee~! thank u thank u thank u! =D

i'll upload pics soon.

PS: Like my new playlist?! YEAAAH. I like it too. xD not like that pfft. cannot play songs edy. ahahahaa.. and my blog aint complete without music! =P its completed once again. mwahahaha. and check out the first song. thats STEVE APPLETON doing a remix of Use Somebody and i like his version better!!! =D he rawks rawks rawks! ;)

i wished it was real! =/

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