Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Raya Weekend?

Hello! =) Pictures from FRIM! =)

Check out the way they sit! =P

Anyways, after FRIM went to seremban! =)

In the van! on the way there. we got stuck in the raya jam man. T_T

Finally. =)

Janning. =)


Sugin. =)

STOMP! so we registered and we were like.. 1 hour early? so we went touring.

Dude. the tree is like HUGE! look cleary and u can see jov and jan standng there. like tiny ants. haha..

And we found out that there is a cemetary behind the church weih! =/

LOL. u know. i snapped and realized.. omg. they look like they were at a funeral. O.O and they were all wearing black. LOL. i think jov said the thing said.. "Not dead, but asleep" or smth. O.O

Anyways, benroy and I found a nice tree. xD!

Not. hahaha. well, no effects or editing here. my camera went crazy and yeah. the colour.. blue-ish. nt bad nt bad. xD

LOL. =) cute. candid. haha.

OH YA! guess who i met? =) hahaha Matthew Kumar! =) i also met Jonathan Doray and Victor Madha.

The first worship team

Ps. Gurmit Singh

Nt bad. =)

The lights from the disco ball. haha.

Camp fire. =)

Overall the youth rally was aite. OH YA. the cemetary rite.. is like opposite the toilet. as in facing the toilet. so when i went to the toilet, as i was coming out.. a few girls so happen was abt to enter the toilet. they were freaked out coz there was a cemetary there and when they saw me.. they screamed at me like i was some Ghost. ........................=.=.............................. i just stoned there. haha. AND THEN.. when i was teman-ng jan and jov to the toilet.. i was telling them wht happened abt the girls screaming and all.. and an uncle got stunned by me again. AGAIN. i was like some ghost. argh. O.O its just a cemetarrrryyyyyy... LOL. hmm. ANYWAYS. it was nice seeing them MAD campers again after so long. the youth rally was aite la. =)


Went to the curve to pick up two ppl my mum met at her work place. they were interested to go church! =)

So we brought them to City Harvest Church. =D
so happen a band from Aussie came down! =) worship was great. and that worship leader, boy does she sound like celine dion plus darlene zhech! voice of an angel really!

En Ai darling. =)

When service ended.. we all got a suprise when Melissa and Yen Fah came up from JB! haha. yes they gave us a suprise visit! =P then we had dim sum! =)

awww. =P

Dinner at night. =D

Kar Kit!

Meet Kar Joon! =)

Nice nice dinner. =D


Dad wanted to let us try pan mee at KL. but.. it was closed. so we ended up in Pavillion Pizza Hut.

Everyone.. =) Meet Joshua. =D

So yeah. thats what i've been doing. haha. pretty busy holiday. well mel and yen fah went back to JB edy. and i watched G-Force just now at the curve. Hmmmmmmmmmmm.. the movie was cute. but it was so dumb that it was so funny and lame. Get it get it? xD I laughed.. so hard. not coz it was literally funny. but.. =.=.. i laughed coz it was so dumb. ahh. goodness.. hahaha... seriously. =.=...

So anyways, going out to OU with Jov and Jan later. =)
more pics to come. =D

PS: I GOT NO MORE CREDIT PEOPLE! so sry if i dun reply. =]



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