Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Eve's Service!

Pictures of Christmas Eve's Service! =) this is AFC's Annual christmas picture! hahahaha.. =) aww one big family! =)

Nick Didi! =) this would've been a nice pic if it werent for... =P

woo woo janning!


Di! =]

I like this picture better! =)

My handsome brothers. =)

my purple friend! =) hahaha Jesslyn!

JJ! looks like some candy cane! aha!

woo woo Hot couple stephanie and tristan! =)


Sheryl dear dear! =)

Aaron! =)

Boys! =)

Angelina and Jessica!

Li Nar!




Andrea! xD i din put the other picture kay? =P


Joe ong!


Oh so hawt michelle!!! =)

Candid !

Pereira Brothers.. =)

Alex! =)

Jon Tan

Jamie and Joseph! =)


Nick nick! =)

Then we went to A&W to yam cha till 3am plus! haha.=P i lazy put captions already. here are the pics. =D

jess and mine

heres some of my christmas presents

Eunice and Daniel


Its edible! =) thansk michelle! its so cute! =)

From andrea!

Then on christmas we went to seremban to visit my mums side!

Uncle peter! best uncle ever! =)

Sharon! my cousin who works in Astro! =) she's the one who hooked me up for the event intern thingy! =)

Nicholas! thanks for the presents! i loveeeee it. =)

so yup. that was practically my christmas. Jam to seremban got back and went to jusco to buy my black jeans for work at night. haha. lazy to blog now. =P tired. got so mch to say abt work today. took alot of pictures too! =) it was awesome. work was sooo fun! =)

next entry up soon! i think. tired la. =P

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  1. delete the 'other' pic totally! and i notice that you pose/stand in the same way for all photos >_<