Friday, January 01, 2010

First Entry for 2010! =)

Hello everyone!
first! wishing ALL my dear readers a Happy and Blessed New Year! =)
lets all step into 2010 with the GOOD and leave the BAD behind!
lets learn from our mistakes not to repeat em..
lets learn to do what we weren't able to do in 2009 that we regreted!
its a new year, with new dreams and new hopes!
Lets redeem ourselves for what we feel we should've done..
but didn't.. God granted us another new year to live..
so lets make the BEST out of it! =)

I just came back from the countdown at the CURVE! =]
YEP! the curve again! hahaha... its 4am nowwww! =P
and like i expected! and hoped for!
I HAD AN AWESOME AWESOME TIME! and this was like
THE BEST COUNTDOWN i've had so far!
The performances were better, the fireworks were awesome!
i managed to catch a movie and the best part was that..
I was with people i love alotttttt and sayang alottttttt!
and i spent my last few moments of 2009 with them..
countdown with them, danced with them, went hyped up with them..
went GILA with them.. and just EVERYTHING with them!
i ended 2009 with them, and i started 2010 with them! =)

Nothing else in the world is better than being with the ones you love. =)
seriously. =) they make everything better. in EVERY WAY!
I LOVED YESTERDAY NIGHT AND MY MORNING OF 2010 SO SO SO MUCH! it couldn't have gotten any better! =) Thank you so much Mummy and Daddy for making this happen! without the help of you two, my countdown wouldn't have been complete. =) i'm so happy you were with me as well as with my friends this year during countdown!


awesome pictures to be up super soon!
till then! thank you all for all the smses and msges!

HAPPY 2010!

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