Sunday, January 10, 2010

Shawty's like a melody in my head~

Woo. i've been having so much fun within these 2 days. =)
on friday met up with en ai and eunice wong
tho alot of things didn't go as planned..
but it was alright. =) went to sunway pyramid..
then benson suppose to fetch me to Ou..
to meet up with aaron while he goes to class..
but halfway he decided not to coz he was gonna be late..
so i had to hang around at jaya one alone for like 2 hours plus..
so i went starbucks and bought myself starbucks for the second time. =P

then Aaron came after an hour pick me from there..
and we wanted to go Tropicana city mall..
coz it was near Janning's hse..
and after tht would be a suprise birthday party for janning! hehe.
guess wht? aaron didn't know the way..
so he turned into federal highway on a friday at 6pm +.
Geez man! thts like the worse time to be stuck on federal weih!
=/ so yes aaron, our first outing was kinda abnormal.
hahaha. yes. we got stuck in a long ass jam..
plus we were heading the total opposite way of our destination..
ahaha bt not bad.. we got to see the sunset.. =)
and the scenery was awesome! and we had a long talk through out the jam.
so i guess i really had fun. despite how boring jams are..
hahahahaa.. i had fun! serious. =)

and we sorta got lost or miss the u-turn to tropicana..
so we got lost and ended up at a petrol station opposite eastin hotel..
which had dunkin donuts! xD so then aaron treated me to Dunkin donuts. =P
hahahahaha... and yeah we talked all the way to Jan's hse..
so yeah man! its weird.. but.. i enjoyed our first outing together.
xD. its smth different really. abnormal. guess thats wht makes it special?
aha. nt some normal outin walkin in the mall nw isnt it? =P
so reached jan's hse, suprised her.. or rather.. screamed at her. aha! =P
and yeah we played taboo all the way till 1am. O.O
it was fun! my first time playing taboo! hahaa.. they all so bad..
they kept teasing the way i play taboo! =/
but i had fun. =)

Saturday! was suppose to play badminton with di shen..
but change of plans. =( sry! postpone k! not canceled. :D
then went to Sheryl's studio at 1pm to 2pm.!
had super lot fun! hehehe..why wouldn't i?
i was doing smth i really love with people i love! ehehe..
plus i was dancing lyrical hip hop weih! a dance style i adore. =)
was with dear! =) finally got her hugs! hehehe..=)
AND! NICHOLAS KAM CHING JEE! tipu me harrrr..!
hahaha.. i asked Di if he was going for the futsal thingy in the evening..
he told me maybe he would.. i asked where he was..
he said somewhere. mana tau when i reached the studio he suddenly..
appeared infront of me! hahahaha.. oh maaaan! u arrrr.. :)
like to give me suprises! hahahaha.. *hugggs* =)

after that! went to serdang with we youth ppl PLUS a group of australian youths! hehe.. its always nice meeting new friends you noe! =) and i felt so smallllll! there were alot of them who were younger than me but waaaaaaaay taller than me.. PLUS.. those who were my aged.. were even taller and bigger. =/ felt so small. =S but their nice people! hehe. =) so they played basketball and futsal! was fun getting to noe some of them! =) serious! hahahaa.. and first time i finally get to see Di play futsal! hahaa.. Di u super pro larh! course pro mar.. someone in national team. =P xD then went back church and we the same group of ppl watched Matrix!! i cant believe that there are still people who havent or nvr watched Matrix before! my goodness! O.O but yeaaah it was funn! been a while since i've last saw tht movie anyways.. =) haha.. and AGAIN! DI! u tipuuu mieeeeeeeeeee.. :( i went toilet. came back he not there d. i asked him whether he ciao edy.. he said yeaaaaa... THEN suddenly after quite a while.. i saw this boy hiding behind someone.. Hmmph! tht time i dun wan layan him edy. xD i just walked away. hahahaha.. Pffft! aiyer u ar! 2 times in a row in a day! Next time wont so easily tipu-ed by you edy! *bish* so yeaah! really had an awesome awesome daaay.. :)

after movie went to Mohsin .. Again. lollll...
so yesh that was my day.. and i so totally need to sleep now..
coz its 2.30am and i've to wake up in another.. 5 hours. =P
and tmrs gonna be a long day for me!!!
church.. edu fair.. sheryl's party!
woo woo~!

good Morningggg! :D


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