Thursday, January 07, 2010

Gonna miss these times.

Just got back from jogging at desa parkcity with kok sime and chi wing. =) been a while since we went jogging together! and i really missed it.. and i'm gonna miss these times.. walking to desa.. running and then walking back.. =) i guess you wont really realize how much you'll miss it till you know you're not gonna be able to do this with them that often anymore.. =/

but yeah.. right now every single moment ..
walking there and all.. seems so precious.. hahaha..
not wanting to make any of u emo larh..
just saying wht i feel and my thoughts. =)
so yeah man! i had an awesome time really!
and yeah baby! i still have my stamina! hahahaa...
i thought after running one round i'm gonna bbe GONE.
ahahaa but i was still okay and happy and was like..
yeaaaah baby! i was meant to run today! hahaha..
the weather was awesome really.. =)
and lalala~ we had a great session chatting and catching after tht didn't we?
=D feels so weird how we're so free.. FOR NOW.
but quite cool lah. its like i can just call them and say..
come! jogging .. NAO! hahahaa. and they're ON. =P
last time got excuses like tuition and all.. pfft!
those days are goneeeeeeeeee! FOR NOW. xD

so yeah man! tmr meeting en ai and eunice wong! =)
they're in KL ! haha.. and then smth special at night..
and saturday badminton! wheee~! been long since we've had our badminton session yeah friends? =) cool cool. and after that its dancingggggg! ^^
quite cool larh. at least i'm not lazing at home! hehe..
wheeeee~! =) theres so much more to life than..
crying and emoing at home about wht i've lost..
i'm gonna get my butt out there.. work..
and buy back what i lost. this time even better! =D


Friends i miss you!
Rmb, the night before it happens!
SBV here we comeeee~! hehe. =]