Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Its hard to believe that i'm gonna be 18. =P

ahhh. yes. finally went to listen to the 6 hours ceramah for Undang.
my gosh. it was pure torture..and super super boring.. =.=
tho i din sleep.. guess wht?!

my teacher looked exactly like the guy on the left from white chicks. but he's just the malay version. PLUS! he is a super joker lar seriously. yeah he's a funny guy.. he made us all laugh alot.. but guess wht? after 2 hours, only he actually start telling us about drving. before tht was all crap. seriously. after 2 hours only he teach us how to hold the steering wheel. my gossssssssssssh. geeeez man. i can conclude tht the whole 6 hours, only 2 hours were filled with useful information.the rest were pure crap and a waste of time.

anyhoo.. gonna study the book and plan to take my undang..
on tuesday, 12th Jan.
hopefully i pass and everything goes as planned..
i realize how maa fan taking driving license is. ish..
seriously. Zzz. after pass undang need to hear another 6 hours.
omggggggggg.. of amali. ahhh. sien-ness...
anyways yeah.. that was practically my day. heh.
pretty boring one... i feel so no life.
dunno why. =P

Lord please show me....and lead me..
guide me and mould me..

And Dear is sick and not feeling well. =(
dear i hope you get better real real quick!!
i'm praying for you! =) *BIG BIG HUGS*
Ai ni dear.! =)

my heart tells me to take that risk..
but my brain tells me to stay far away.
kinda stupid if you ask me.
Hmm. Maybe danger and risk attracts me in a way.