Tuesday, January 05, 2010

"I'm not alone, the frogs Pei me marhhh.." =)

Hieeee! i'm baaaaaaaack! celine yap is back! =)
yesh yesh. yesterday was terrible. i felt..so..
soo.... sooooooooooo Angry i didn't noe wht to say.
was so quiet. din talk. much. till at night..
and i felt so sad.. so.. soooooooooo sad.

but then .. =) Didi to the rescue!
haha.. he text me before he slept wishing me goodnight..
and i replied but my reply showed tht i was not okay..
and he called .. =) and guess wht?! he managed to make me smile and laugh even. =) and thats so rare when i'm really down. haha. Di how can i not sayang you huh? =) You're the best Di! sayang you banyyaaaaak-banyaaaaak! seriously. =] *hugs hugs hugs huggggs!*

Thanks alot also sheryl dear for texting me..
Janning who asked me whts wrong..
Chi wing who also msged me and was there for me..
Marilyn dear for being so concern..
Yee siang for your concern..
Andrea for calling today..

and many other people who cared for me..
and showed your concern. just want you to know..
that i really really appreciate it alot. seriously alot.
tho yesterday when you guys approached me..
i didn't feel like talking..so sry guys. coz when i'm reli angry..
i'm a really quiet person.. =/ and i just wanna .. keep quiet..
and dun talk.. and all.. but towards the night i became angry to sad..
so yeaaah...

and Di smsed at the right time. =)

i feel so much better today seriously.
coz i did much things.. well at least i did stuffs..
and somethings actually progressing in my life. =)
i registered for my undang test edy!
and i applied for a Job at starbucks curve!
i'm still waiting for answer.. and at the mean time..
i'm still job hunting. who knows, i may find better paying jobs. =D
anyone wanna introduce ? hee. feel free to do so!
sms me or smth. =)
so yeah. accomplished some things today. happy bout tht.
and yesh, listening to the ceramah tmr.. and hope to get my license real real fast! =)
was with marilyn the whole day. =) thanks for being there dear!
i lovee you. =)

so yes. yday i got my temporary IC done.
but i dont like the picture tho. =/
i dun like taking passport photos or stuffs like tht.
hahaa. i'm bad at them. =P bleh.
kay larh. i can only come online a while..when i hav the chance to.
using aunt's laptop. gtg! and i thank God for awesome friends around me.
Love all of you seriously alot.

Hugs & Kisses!


  1. yeah itu dia! she's back peephole!
    that's the celine that's chun! go on, BLAWG IT GAL!


  2. LOVE YOU MUCH MUCH! Will give you a super MAJOR real hug when I see you...for now... *HUGS HUGS HUGS*


  3. i also thought of u...
    just thought u needed ur space.
    u're a big girl.
    u'll talk when u're ready. =)
    so happy to see all of u last night, man.... love u guys so much! ((((hugs))))