Sunday, January 17, 2010


OHHH WOMAN! cant believe your like... 19! O.O
hahahaha.. so fast eh? =P
i had an awesome time with you today dear! =)
a sleepover would've perfected it tho! hahaha..
sry this entry is like a day late. its like 3am. xD
hahaha. WO AI NIIII! =)
faster go get urself a license u doink!
u should've driven me and lydia since like laaast year!
hahahaha.. But we still love you anyways. =)
rmb. THE WORD.



ps: lydia din sms. ish. she probably dozed off or forgot. =P
LYDIA MILLER! waiting for ur sms u woman. =P

i had so much fun todaaaay! dance dance in the afternoon..
then had lunch with bb and di at the mamak infront my hse..
and we went cc! mwahahhaa..!
then we played BBALL and bb kena pwneeeeeeeed! =P

then we headed to jov's place for her bday bbq!
and we took awesome pictures at this really beautiful..
place where the flowers.. PURPLE flowers mind you..
dropped from the treee..
hahaa will upload when free-er. =P
so yes i had a fabulousooo timeee!
i love my weekends always.! ^^

and no probs are still hanging..
maybe getting worse..
tense and whtever..
but with so much loving ppl around me..

i feel alright.. MOST OF THE TIME. =]
despite the.. emo moments.. short ones..
haha. hope for no longer oness..

well.. Lord. i'm gonna trust in You.
pls lead and guide us.
and help me to deal with every problem with strong faith..
coz i've a bigger GOD than any problem that may seem BIG.

I see the best of me inside your eyes
Ohh You make me smile. :)


  1. thanks for the post, babe! X) and yeah, miller forgotten. hahaa.
    i found a note by lydia under my pillow! im suspecting you hid one too but i've not found it yet. hmmm!

  2. well be more observant then. ;)

    =P *hugggs*

  3. dear! sorry about what happened on saturday =(

  4. mwahaha.. i found it. X)