Tuesday, January 26, 2010


yesterday was such a chaotic day for me..
Zzz.. first i was so happy..
then i was so angry..
and then at night i was mad and sad..
i was smaaad. =.=......

really larh. yesterday sucked. ish.
i was so so angry.. with someone who really pissed me off so badly.
i guess the reason why i was so pissed was coz..
i felt so disrespected.. and ignored.. and hurt..
with YOUR words and actions!

but whtever tht lar. Zzz.

then at night tht stupid issue that is STILL going on..
came back to visit me again. weeeeeeeee~!
how NICE. :D

and finally i couldn't take it anymore..
and after such a long time..
i finally broke down and cried. =.=...

i opened my blog.. and the "Smile" song by Uncle Kracker played..
and tears just started flooding my eyes..
and eventually flowed down like a river.. =.=..

but now.. it sucks to emo..
last time when i emo i could stay up till 6am in the morning..
calming myself down with music and wht not..
but now.. i cant.. i'm forced to sleep because its dangerous to be awake when everyone else has gone to bed. because parents are scared that the robbers come back and i'm there alone.. which could've happen on tht day but i so happen went to slp early. =.=.. so yeah..

i cant slp.. when i'm emo.. so now..
i just lie on my bed and stare at the ceiling..
now i sound like some lifeless emo Kid. =.=!

ANYWAY.. january has been........BITTERsweet.
yup. more bitter than sweet. but still..there are sweet memories in january.
ahh. i just came back from my fourth session and i finally finished teaching my choreography. now all that is left is to shape them up.. i got a call yday from another company.. so i'd be teaching them a dance to the song THRILLER for their company dinner or smth.. but yes.. i'm teaching tmr and i stll havent learn or choreo anything.. =/.. soon soon.. after this..

and my breathing pain came back.. =.=..
now every breath i take.. my spinal part..
near the backbone there hurts like.. T_T..
got this sharp pain every breath i take..
this problem comes and go.. dun even noe why..
sometimes its so pain i'm scared to breathe. =.=
but thts just dumb. lol.. ahh.. hope it goes away soon..

i'm so tired. i'm exhausteeed.
while eating lunch just nw.. and in the car.. and when walking..
my whole world could spin like just for a few seconds.
i was like whoaaaaaa!

so yeah i guess its maybe coz i lack slp or smth..
Anyways.. imma go get a nap nw..
and i just wanna thank everyone for your concern..
for your calls and sms and prayers..
and just for caring..

tho i know i didnt want to talk abt anything to anyone..
but please noe that i do appreciate all your concerns..
and care.. and love.. and i Thank God for all of you.
LOVE.! xoxo


  1. Anonymous1:03 AM

    Thank you :-) look at this emo boy one on this blog:

  2. hey babe. dnt be angry anymore. im sure it happened for a reason only God knows. like how my dad doesnt approve me seeing paramore. sad right? :( dang right it is!!
    RROARRRR!!!!! i <3 paramore.
    ok bb

    p/s dnt be angry liao. no point holding on to it. it, i mean anger :)
    pp/s kudos to u for ranting it here

  3. Karyn: Yeah i know.. =) dun think i'm angry already.. i think.. hahaha.. seeing as in? going to their concert?

  4. Anonymous5:44 AM

    Thank you ;-) check out this emo boy style over this blog: