Monday, January 04, 2010

Nvr felt so angry before.

yea. i know. alot has been happening and all.
everything kinda sucks when u've lost stuff.
but there are other things more important than those stuff i've lost.
i'm angry nt coz only of tht.

i'm angry about so many other things.
so many i dont even feel like talking about it..
i dunno why. i've never felt so angry before..
so angry but i dont feel like talking it out..

everything feels so messed up atm.
messed up u just feel like running away..
but then again thts just wht u feel..
but its life. its nt some fairytale where u run away and live happily ever after.
wishful thinking that is.

i can feel it.
the anger that rose up so quickly within me tonight..
and everything came flooding in..
thoughts.. emotions..mentality..
confusion.. fear..

mayb i dun feel like talking abt it coz i'm a person..
thats very quiet.. especially when i'm very .. very mad or angry..
i thought i could express it here..
but i guess nothings coming out of me.


Home, the safest place now feels so insecured and dangerous.


  1. Celine dear =) I know I can't do much...but just wanted you to know..a lot of people love you and would not like to see you unhappy or sad.. and so...this is all I can offer you...


    Hope you feel better soon =) Wanna see your beautiful smile when you dance =) ♥ you lots!!!

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  3. Pakson: hey! din noe u had a blog. thanks for your concern.. =) *hugs back*

    sheryl: dearr.. thanks alot for your support care love and encouragement. *hugs baaaaaaack!* =) love you so much also dear