Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Just Daaaaaanceeee~~!

Heya! just got back from first session!
taught only the first part of my choreography so far..
hahaa.. tiring but i had fun!! =)

dancing is always fun for meee.. =)

feel like sleeping now tho.. @_@
and yes! i finally cut my fingernails short!
feels so weird now! hahaha finally feeling the flesh of my finger tips again.. =P
i din cut my nails since before spm!
imagine the length of my fingernails. hahhaha..
my hands suddenly looks so weird.. xD
like suddenly so short and.. retarded in a way.. haha.. =P

anyhoo.. cant believe january is almost at its end..
times flying so fast..
and all i did this month was..
go out.. play.. sleep.. dance.. go out.. xDDDDDDD
i need to earn some kachingg !
i wanna buy back a camera asap =(
so many stuffs happening but i got no camera..
wuwuwu.. T_T

kay lerh.
brain kinda dead.

Its so hard to say goodbye to you. =P