Thursday, January 14, 2010


waaaaaaaaah. woke up this morning.. and it was so hard for me to get up from bed.. felt so heavy.. now i understand why it was so hard for me to wake up..

my whole body was aching and is still aching like crazieee.. :(
my neck and shoulders especially.. super tensed up and sore..
rawr. =( i forgot to warm up yday.. and i tot..
nvm la.. i just choreographing.. shouldn't work up myself tht much.


i need a massageeeeee... wuwuwu. =( lesson learnt!
nvr take warm ups for granted. =/

anyways i just came back from OU.
had a great time! hahahaa.. met up with aaron who just came back from aussie!
havent seen him for a year already.
and this time we did smth diff! we din just watch movie and do the same old same old. instead we went karaokeeee!!!!!! :D then we walked around to buy smth..
and then we had sushii! mwahahahah! :D
AARON! i wan pictureeeeees! =)

and we did wht i usually dun do when i go ou..
so it was cool. :D
tho now.. i really need to rest up.
my body is killing meeee. =X

Hee. Massage anyone? =P
*huggs* =)