Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I can feeel ittt..
but your just not saying anything..
i dunno how or why but i can just feel it. :(

was it coz of me?
did i do or say smth tht accidentally hurt you without me knowing it?
you got to pour out to me..
i know we've made our promises..
but still.. u cant be close to someone if u keep secrets from themm..

And especially when your so close to someone..
you can just tell when tht person is not okay..
not alright.. i want to be there like how you were there for me..
but you need to allow me to..

unless i'm the reason ur not okay..
then confront me.. just dun fake a smile..
just so i dont worry.. d'you know by doing tht..
you make me worry even more?

love you too much to see you this way.