Saturday, January 23, 2010


whoa. @_@
i've been so busy i had hardly anytime to do anything else..
but i did manage to go gai gai on wed! hehe..

on wednesday went to OU with Boon Sin in the morning! =)
hahaha.. i taught Him how to play pool!
was his first time playing! O.O
but he did well.. =) he's a fast learner. haha..
All met Thomaz at the pool place.. =P
he's also one of my best cheong k buddy man! =P

then at 4pm plus plus..
Boo Chong came and we hung out!
we saw OLD DOGS. omgggggggg.. super funny weih!
super worth watching =)
Saw janning and joshua when we were just abt to go in..
xD seriously. go watch OLD DOGS.
its just sooo sooo funny! haha..
so yeah was there till 9plus..
so i spent about.. 10 hours plus in OU tht day..
Crazie? i think so too. =P

went to teach the second part of my choreography..
"i know you want me" & "Single Ladies"
boy oh boy.. was tht a tiring day..
i nvr thought teaching sexy dance would be THAT tiring.. =/
i woke up the next day with backaches and shoulder aches and all..
coz it was kinda hard teaching them this part..
teaching them how to moveeeee and shakeeee..
and how to train their Sexaaay! haha..

then Dad dropped me and BB at church around 4pm..
and we stoned there till...........7pm plus. T_T
coz we were gonna go out and hav our last meal with the aussies..
coz they gonna leave on Friday, which was the 22nd.
it was fun.. =) hanging out with them again..
after so long! haha.. got to noe Jordan more this time round..
coz he sat beside me during dinner.. =)
and he's one playful fella i tell u.. hahahaa..
its so hard to eat sitting beside him!! xD..
so yep.. went back about 12am like tht..
hwah. i was so.. zonked out..
But i really had alot of fun.. =)

On Friday, taught the third part of my dance..
i thought i could finish this part in tht day itself..
guess i thought wrong. rawr.
so yeah.. need another day more to finish the choreography..
and then its perfecting every move.
i dunno why but everyone was so tired on tht day..
everyone including me.. lol... =/
after dance dad dropped me off at church.. agaain..
around 4pm.. coz i wanted to pass some souveneirs..
to my aussie friends before they left..
so ended up spending the day with them.. =)
Jamie ,Steven ,Lauren and i went to amcorp a while.. =D
just hung out and walked around.. =)
went for dinner with them! hahaha and i thought thursday was our last meal together. =P yup yup! had alot of fun.. like always.. =) their such fun ppl to be around.. haha..
and yeah.. i had to teach at AFC after tht.. so it was Goodbye.. =(
dun like goodbyesss.. :(

they gave me some souveneirs too! =)
Jamie gave me his wristband..
Jordan gave me this card he has kept for very long and wrote a msg to me on it.. =)
Matt gave me stickers. xDDDD and he said he owes me a really long letter when he gets back to aussie..
Steven gave me aussie flag tatoos! hahaha..
been long since i've played with these tatoos! =P
and yup! they all wrote me msges.. ahhh..
gonna miss them all! tho! steven havent gone back yet..
he's gonna be here for a while.. =)
Reached home only at 1am..
and slept at 5am. =/

Saturday, today!
Went to studio and danced till 4pm! O.O
with an empty stomache. =/
was so tired and hungry after tht weih..
almost kena gastric.. =/..
evonne and andrea came also! hahaha.. weee! =)
so yeah had mamak session with B just nw..
feel so exhausted now.. nt enough slp.. =(
Later got post mortem on AFC BC2009 somemore.
woo. tiring day.

Sad day also! =( Aussie friends left edy..
then My Didi also went to the US with his family for 2 weeks!
hw niceee! i also wan e hollie. =(

Missing you already Di! :(

I cant wait for tmr..
finally gonna go for my first edu fair since after Spm..
and then gonna go over to Kim's place to slp over!
weeeeeeee!! swimmingggg! nyahahahah!
Kay i need to shower now.
i stink.!

the weather was crazily hot today..
sweat like mad. =S
and it made me feeel crankyyyyyyyy! rawrrrr.

Sampai Gila.. =(