Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hello everyone! quick update! =) so you see, my blogs been pretty boring without pictures. coz i dun have a camera now. =( but anyhoo! thank God i've friends that love taking pictures as well! hehee. so yes. pictures but nt from my camera. ;)

This was the sunday after the robbery! our dear church friends gave us a lil suprise! hahaa.. they bought us wallets with some money in it! =) how nice of them yeah? the thing that touched me the most was the card especially with all the names of the people who were part of this suprise as the borders. i was really really touched! sniffx! we love you all sooooo sooo much! and we dunno how to thank you all. =')

Then a few of us went to OU! SEE ME posing with the wall? ahah yesh. guess wht? =)

Thats my drawing on one utama's wall when i was 10! yup. sad to say but that was my drawing when i was 10! hahaha.. i drew pots and flowers and birds like tht always last time. =P

Janning and I! =)

so on the 8th of january, we had a suprise bday party for janning!! =)

Boy was she suprised! =p hope u had a blast dear! =]

then on Saturday, 9th January.

We went to Serdang with our new australian friends to have a day of sports! =) hahaa.. ^^ was nice meeting new friends!!! =) then we watched matrix together at night.. pretty awesome day if u ask me.. =)

Sunday, 10th Jan.

Went to Amcorp mall with our aussie friends after church.. ! =)
Observe really carefully the girl beside benson in black. she looks exactly like Kristen Dance aka Mary jane from spiderman! i'm seriousssssss! zoom all u want! hahahaha. =P

and had lunch with them at mamak after tht.. hehehee.. ^^

had an awesome time with them! =) gonna be hanging out with them more this week. haha hopefully. ;)

Then we went to dear's hse for her birthday partyyy!!! =) first time going her hse. like finalaaaayyyy? hahahahaha. *hugs!*

Di came tooo! =) hehee..

So did evonne!!! =) we needa hang out soon girl!

We love you sheryl! =) you've been such a blessing especially to me!

so yes! that has been my happenings so far! so many more but sadly i didn't have a camera with me! Anyways! i've got good news!


WOOOOOHOOOOOOO~! HAHAHAHA. wheeeeeeeee~! one step closer to getting my license! and and i survived the other 6 hours of amali. JOY JOY JOY! =) jia youuu cykm!!! xD still looking for a jobbbb! =/ i needaaa buy e cameraaaaaaa! neeed neeed neeed want want wantt~! hahaha. =D wht would i do without pictures? =) they bring back such awesome memories. =]

anyways, i'm waiting for my L license! yayy! =) hehe. gonna have a busy end of january! probably going out with aaron from australia on thursday, meeting natasha on friday! to teach her my dance.. afc.. and later mayb stayover at nat's hse! hehee.. then nick and i will go sheryl's studio and after class i'll stay back and choreo dances with sheryl for smth.. hahaha.. dear's helping meee! wht would i do without ya dear? =) and after that am going to e birthday partaaaaaaaaay! hehehehe. =D yes. loadsa loadsa birthdays in january. O.O talking bout birthdays,


so yesh man! This is my january. hahaha..
gotta run. :) have tonnes of things to get donee!
Tooodlesss~! ^^

Btw, thanks alot Di.. =)
for cheering me up last night..
And staying up with me tho u were tired.. =]
Sayang you super lots Di!
Your the bestttt.! *hugggs hen da li!* ♥


  1. DEAR! U will do fine without me! It's more of a what would I do without YOU!!! hahaha =) I love you so much too! *HUGS*