Thursday, January 28, 2010

I saw a FULL rainbow~! =)

Yesterday i went to another company in USJ 12 to teach dance.
"FOLLOW ME" company. love their place!
its so big! hahaha.. anyways.. i taught them the Thriller dance!
By michael jackson! it was a very short notice thing..
they called me on monday and i had to teach them on Wednesday..
so i studied and learn the dance on tuesday ..
and practised till 11pm..! O.O learning the dance is NOT easy! it looks so easy but when ur doing it u realize how many steps u have to rmb. and all also weird weird one. hahahaha.. =P but its fun. its like.. a legendary dance! xD then yeah..

taught them! first there were 10..
suddenly more and more people started to join..
reached there around 3pm..and taught till around..
5.30pm? yeah.. then reached home around 7 plus..
people there are really friendly.. =)
haha had fun.. AND OH YEAH! i saw a FULL rainbow!
on the way back! it was so BEAUTIFUL AND PRETTY! =)
its been long since i've saw one..
i still rmb the last time i saw one was last year..
on a wednesday when i was walking to school..
i cant rmb the date.. but i rmb it was a wednesday! =)

And yes, Friends.. i'd be shifting house..
This Saturday.. i'll still be in my area..
but then its another section of this are..
Going to be shifting to the new housing area..
near NOVA 2 apartments.. on the right side..
yep.. the new houses there..
I think its called Jalan PRIMA IMPIAN..
so yeah its a bigger hse.. and looks nicer too.. =)

So yeah after dinner i had to start packing..
packing my things .. spm books for benroy and all.. T_T
i packed 4 boxes already.. but i'm merely halfway!
i realize how many things i have.. =( like gazillionnn much! haha..
so yeah packed and finally stopped at 1.40am..
coz i felt like i was falling sick.. coz i havent been resting well..
and been teaching dance the whole week..
my voice is .. so.. drying out.. hope i dun fall sick!
coz on Sunday i'd be going to Kampar to go to a waterfall!
wooohoooooooo~! A HOLIDAY! like finally! =P
but its just for two days .. but well.. better than nothing right? =)
Plus! i've never been to a waterfall before.. =P blehs.. haha..

so yeah.. yesterday was a real tiring day for me..

went to dad's company to teach..
and i am so PROUD of them! they have improved so much!
its like watching ur children grow up kind of feeling. HAHA!
seriously.. I feel like a satisfied teacher. =P
tho they're nt perfect.. YET. but still! they have improved so much.. =)
so yes! i was just smilling all the way.. =) i had alot of fun! ^^
and yes.. now.. i'd have to continue my packing..!
times running out and i'd be so busy tmr.. out whole day..
teaching at FOLLOW ME then going to church to teach AFC.

i think i'll be going down to JB on the 7th till chinese new year!
I think.. haahahaha.. should be larh.. if nth changes.. =)