Saturday, January 02, 2010

House got robbed.

yes. 2nd day of 2010 and my hse got robbed.
i usually sleep late. why did i sleep at 2am yday?
sighs. got robbed around 2.30am.
everyone is okay but we lost alot of things.
i lost the most.

since i dun hav a laptop to come on9 now..
anything pls reach me through my handphone..
no more pictures for me to take as well..
as i dun have my camera either..
like i said. i lost the most.

heck it.
please pray for my family and I.
thanks alot.
coz i've got a feeling they're planning to come back.
they showed signs.

ahh whtever lar.
thanks for everyones concern.

gonna be goin cc often now. maybe. O.O
zz. ciao.


  1. Hi Celine

    Sorry to hear that this happened to you. The songs posted on your blog especially by Owl City are excellent, I have downloaded them saved it to my ipod so that I can listen inside the train every monring.


  2. heyyy! thanks alot for the comment. well yeah. anything can happen. =/ glad u like the songs! i love them. they always make me calm. mine telling who you are? =)

  3. Anonymous3:06 AM; You saved my day again.

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  5. Hi Celine

    In fact u don't know who i am. I was coincidentally clicking a link of your blog when I was searching some songs. I like to read your blog and view your photos which uploaded from time to time.

    Since my last message, i didn't expect I could see you standing in front of me this evening, the world is pretty small, heh.. you were wearing red color shirt. No, in fact i saw your 2 little brothers first, they were flying a kite with another girl wearing white color singlet, then I start probing u, there i saw u finally were taking photos with your frens, u rili like to take photos.


  6. hi KM! i just saw ur msg.. yeah indeed wht a small world! =) so u recognise my brothers and the girl first then started to look for me?