Saturday, January 30, 2010

In a daze.

Today was a bittersweet day for me..
i had fun in the morning when i went to USJ12 ..
at Follow Me's company building.. it was fun..
teaching them.. i had to teach them this China Disco song..
called Mei Fei Se Wu. or smth like tht..
and yeah.. nvr saw myself choreo-ing to these kinda dances..
i realized how much different dance styles i have choreo..this year..
styles i never thought i'd ever do. =P
good. I'm exposing myself to more dance styles. :D
taught them the rest of thriller. teach finish edy. =)
last session with them on thursday..

anyways we went for lunch.. the ppl tht danced..
we had like two tables.. haha.. i sat between two of the..
handsome and pretty boys in tht group. :P
and they were so sweet and niceeeeeeeee! =)
Every single time a new dish arrives, they'd serve me food.. =)
and take food for me.. =) i didn't have to stand up once ..
to take food. hehe. =P lalalala~ Feels Niceeee okaaay! hahaha..
then i thought to myself.. Wow wow.. *raise eyebrows and nods head*..
Gentlemens still exist in this world. =P
Seriously! hahaha... ^^ and when my tea ran out..
they're just so observant.. =) hehe. :P

BOYS.! Learn Har! xD hahaha..
we girls need more people like them! =P

haha. so yeah. it was really a nice lunch. :D
then continued teaching them a while and i went to church..
coz i didn't want to travel up and down so much..
tho it was kinda early when i reached church but it was alright..
Coz AFC is at 8pm.. =).. so yeah..
i managed to finish half of my first solo for the showcase..
haven even done my second solo yet. T_T stresss! been just too busy. =(
so yes, i did have something to do while waiting for time to pass.

anyways it was just a real tiring day for me..
and i was kinda down and emo..coz of smth..
but after AFC was abit better larh..
i was kinda hard on training them today..
i was really tired but when dancing.. there aint no such word. :D
ALL OUT BABEH! So yes. today.. my training was more ..
tiring than usual. i trained them hard. and perfected even the slightest..
difference. =P but i love trainings like these more. =)
dunno bout them.

anyways, its 1am and i still havent taken my shower..
feel so exhausted.. T_T.. summore shifting tmr..
got prac for showcase then shifting in the evening..
Busy busy bussaaay...! k ler. i having headache.. =(
and.. body aches! Off i go!

TWIN! i'm really still happy on how.. we both can feel wht each other is feeling without having to even tell.. that explains everything. And yes! we're just too close. =) and i appreciate and treasure that so much! dont ever want tht to disappear. Dont ever want YOU to disappear. Love you to bits and pieces and whtever it is, i'm here always. =) u noe tht very well and so do i. :) Sleep well my twin! I so love you. =)

You conviniently forgot and didn't even apologize.
Dunno how to face or talk to you now. =.=
Dunno wht to say even. =.=...............
sighs, guess its cause i'm mad at you.
for doing wht u did to me.. How could you.. :(
Dun feel like talking to you for a while now... =(
Its times like these when I really Need You around.. :(