Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I never told you..

So much has been happening.. i dont even know where to start.. =(
Good yes, definitely there is..
But Bad.. way Too many.

I've already shifted and yep.
no internet connection.. or house phone..
dont even have a laptop or computer to go online..
my only entertainment now is my handphone..
no tv.. nth! its so hard to even go out for dinner..
just walked a far way to just eat dinner with lil bro..
at cc now. lol...! coz it rained. =.=

but yeah.. there really are way too many things for me to say now..
coz time is running out..
but i guess.. this is life.
many things dun go our way.. as planned..
we just gotta embrace it and find solutions..
or just live with it..

Been a really emo and down Kid..
lately.. Some friends say its a bitter start of 2010 for me..
but hmm.. i guess i'll just leave everything to God..
sometimes.. i just feel so lonely..
but at times.. i just feel like being alone..
and feel like the Only person i could ever fully trust..
Is God himself..

I've tried. but failed.
and nw theres nth i can do..
but to trust and leave it all to God.

Please lead and guide me.. Lord..

I think i should tell you..
but then again.. whats the point?
i dun like you for a reason.
but not because i dont like you.. literally.
forget it. Life goes on.
So long.


  1. sometimes not having anything to do is a good time to reflect. You should do it some helps...

  2. Dear! *hugs* what Andrea say is true. Sometimes, we are left alone by God for us to think back on everything =) Me love dear =) Don't worry about anything okies? *loves* <3 Wo Ai Ni <3

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  4. This is so touching... wow!!!

    I just shifted to my new house about one month ago, leaving the neighborhood I lived for the past 22 years of my life. I's still trying to settle down here.

    I'm blessed by the God with a wonderful family and the best girlfriend I could ever ask for. They are there right by me, holding my hand.

  5. Time alone and with nothing to do is time to revive yourself and reflect on life as it is. You learn to love again the stranger who was yourself.

    Don't let yourself be upset by cursing the bad times, because they're just as good for you AS the good times. Like drinking green tea, it's a bitter taste but it makes it so much easier to deal with much more bitter things.