Sunday, February 14, 2010

CNY + Valentines?!

Hey guys! yeshhh! its CNY and Valentines all together this year! Good or Bad combo? i wonderrrr.. ahahahaa..

anyways .. guess wht i'm doing at 2.16am on the 1st day of CNY?!
i'm at a CC.. onlining and all..
haha.. hmm it was a very tiring day..
on the 13th, the eve of CNY.
i slept at 2.30am doing smth for someone..
woke at 6am for Jogging.. with Boon Sin..
Left the Hse with Qian at 9am to go to Aaron pereira's hse..
hung out with him till about 12pm..
went back home.. picked up lil bro..
went to Chloe,ZWei and Rachel's hse..
Makan together and all.. went back to Sunway SPK..
met up with Calvin there.. he picked me up..
we went to Aaron's hse again after tht..
hahaha i brought calvin there as a present.. xD..
"Present" and reached home by 7pm..
slept till 9pm.. ate Dinner at 10pm..
Emo in my room till 12am.. listening to songs..
and hugging my teddy...

Yesh. i was emoing.
reasons. the usual family reunion we always have..
the fireworks.. the firecrackers.. the pop pops..
and all.. the cousins.. uncles.. aunties.. grandma..
all wasnt in my CNY eve this year.
Reason? Some family issues.
rawr. =( since young u noe.. every CNY was like tht..
till this year. Sighs.. oh well.. guess..
its the start of smth new?
was also emoing about smth else.. =( wuwuwu..

then everything changed. mwahahah!
Aunt came in my room, forced me to go down..
she bought this Heartshaped chocolate cake!
so cool. =) for valentines! haha..
then we YAM SEEEEEEEEEEENG! with.. soft drinks. xD =.=..
but everything was fun. and i was really enlightened. =)
Really. she cheered me up.. =) thanks ah sun jie!! ^^
then we went desa parkcity to go coffee bean but it was close. =(
so went hunting for a chilling spot but all close wei!
ended up in OLD TOWN. xD. then now at CC. hahaha..
=D weird and different way of spending the 1st day..
but its a new begining? start of smth new. =D

i will try my best not to emo so much..
or anymore.. Try la. hahahaha...
IGNORE.. the small msges at the end..
of my entries. its nth. =)

So yeah man.
seriously treasure family relationships,unity,love,care and all.
coz once its gone, its really hard to get it back.
so treasure it aite. seriously. =/


Just when i was about to forget,
YOU reminded me about everything All over again.
Oh my my. Help? =/


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