Tuesday, September 07, 2010


Hello hello hello!
sorry for being away for so long!
been reaaal busy. haha but since when was i never busy? =P
anyhoo! alot has happened. as usual.haha..
lets see..

on 28th aug midnight!!!
i had a suprise party for both Kim and Karyn! haha.. =D
it was a total SUCCESS! YAYYY! =DDDD
i even made Karyn cryy... awwww... =))) *hugs*
and and kim couldn't stop jumping! hahahaa..
she kept jumping non-stop! xD
we then had a sleepover! finally a sleepover!
there were like super alot of people sleeping over in her hse.
hahaha.. Me,ikhwan,samuel,see wei,jo ann!
plus their sibs! shan li karyn jie kat.. and kim!

hahaha it was great..! we had a picnic on her birthday!
spent the day at kepong metropolitan park! =D
my idea! hwahahahahah! so glad she really enjoyed her bday.. =)

and sides tht there was Ban Ho's bday suprise too!
and there was my Penang trip with family!

i cant like blog properly now coz KIMS ON THE WAY..
hahahhaaa and i gtg!!!

so so till later!!

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