Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Quietest Merdeka ever.

its merdeka already, and i dunno about you, but it is the quietest merdeka i've ever had. anyhoo, things have changed alot compared to the previous merdeka celebrations. wonder why. hmm..

i've been pretty busy lately..
AND. there are like tonnes of birthdays in a row these pass few weeks/days. and it hasn't stop! hasn't stop at all..

theres smth not quite right with my right leg.
its hurting me.not too sure whts wrong with it yet.
maybe i pulled a ligament.. or smth..
havent got it checked yet..
so sadly, no jogging or badminton or sports or dancing for me for nw..

sides that.. its 2.40am now and i cant sleep.
i feel reeaaally tired. but i just cant fall asleep..
my mind is really active now so i decided to come blog..

u know i've alot of questions popping out in my head.
ALOT. had a long talk with God just now..
well, not that i literally "talked" to God..
but yeah. i had a talk with Him.
asked alot of things. talked about alot of things..
you know. although most of the time i dont get replies.
but still, i feel so comfortable talking to Him..
cant explain this feeling.
i really need to spend more time with Him.

u know. alot of us do alot of things.
but we dunno why we do what we do.
Why we do what we do.

I think i've a problem letting people take care of me.

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