Saturday, August 14, 2010

August Stuffs besides the Dance Concert. =)

Hello wello~!

Yep yep. haha.. on 31st july, saturday.. had lunch with mum n dad.. and had to send mum to work after tht..
then daddy,benroy n i headed to sunway pyramid n reached about 1pm.. and started que-ing up.. baaah. =/ everyone loves going for concerts but none like to que thats for sure! =P

so yeah, it was crazily hot and yeah.. we just que-ed up n got burnt basically. hahaha.

and took pictures too of course. =) but anyhoo! it was useless que-ing up. i mean.. in the end.. when the gates were opened to que up infront of the entrance.. everyone just rushed n pushed their way through .. haha. so yeah.. wht e waste! but nvm. benroy n i only que-ed up for like.. an hour. hahaha then we decided not to que anymore. =P

i had a superb superb time @ mtv world stage! sadly.. pictures aren't with me yet! hahaha.. gotta get em from ikhwan n Kimmy. =) till then~! thts all for now bout mtv world stage. =) haha.

And Last Friday.. i went to Nat's hse to hang out with her and to choreo a dance with her. hahaha.. was suppose to teach her Our Heart's signing too but i kinda forgot. =P hahahaha.. so yeah ended up teaching her through webbie. =)

But before going to her house.. after she picked me up from subang ktm.. we headed to summit and spent like half of our hang out time there. ahaha.. coz i was looking for some jacket thingy for the dance concert but after all the walking and searching.. i failed to find the one i was looking for. sighs. oh wells. at least i had some nice soya lotus chocolate dessert.! was awesome! hahaha im actually craving for it right now!! =S then we had lunch and went to her house.. hahaa.. choreo-ed abit.. but we got lazy after a while and started watching videos and stuffs. =P SWIMMING AHHHH NAATTTT~!!! hahaha.. hope everything in Penang goes well for ya. =) HAVE A SAFE JOURNEY KAY?! *hugs* thanks for the great day..! =)

Sho yep. =) thts whts been happening so far. haha. also! my friend from australia.. Matt Waters. =) he came to malaysia to visit.. and so! had outings with him and also! today.. i had a superb superb time!

Had dance with Celica.
Had badminton with Benson Ban Ho Jann n Matt
(where the girls totally owned the boys = Matt N Benroy in 3 matches tht they lost! =P )
and then we went to Metropolitan Park for my church's youth outing!
oh man! the park is only 20 minutes away from home and i've never been there before! its a reeaaaallly... REALLY! nice nice nice beautiful park. =) we had kite flying.. picnic and FISHING! AHH YEASSSSAAAH! my first time fishing ever! tho.. i wouldn't consider this as my first time fishing as i hardly did any fishing. just hold the rod a while.. and left to be e paparazzi instead! hahaha.. i wanna go REAL fishing n just fishing alone soon! ANYONE?! =D and also! there was this really tall tower. so me andrea and zech went up to the top and managed to see the sun set. =) it was so pretty! ahhh.. i was so hyper when i saw how pretty it was. hahaha.. zech n andrea was like.. =.=.......... HAHA. sorry larh. cant help it. i get so excited when i see such beauty! especially .. the beauty of nature. =) love love love it!
and after that we had dinner together. ahh. wht a nice day. =)

hahaha.. cant wait to see em. IMAGINE! my 8GB memory card was like.. FULL. hahah! coz i had some old pics inside. ( and i thought i'd never have a full memory card problem when i first got the 8GB) xD! and my batt ran out. BOO! =( but at least i got tonnes of awesome shots! ahh.. i love love love it when i get to take many many lotsa lotsa nice pixies! =)

till the pictures are here!

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