Monday, August 16, 2010

Just Like Those. :)

these few days.. i've felt back.. again..
feelings i've not felt in years..

haha. i just dont know how to say.. wht to say..
u prolly wont understand this post.
but its a reminder thingy for me i guess.. =)

that feeling.. when u reach the end.
in the end.. its just worth everything.

what can i say?

its just.. Priceless. :)

i've found back.. another piece of me that has been missing for quite a while now. this piece.. used to be all of me. haha. all that i was. and i'm glad i've found it back.

i should sleep. =P been slping at 3am.. fri sat sun. O.O
bad bad bad. so imma sleep earlier tonight.. =)
long day but great day ahead tmr.!
cant wait.

Patience, Celine.

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