Tuesday, December 28, 2010

3 days till A New year! =)

Hey hey guys!

Christmas has passed and i cant believe tht im still so occupied and busy... =S
yup yup, am still teaching dance in USJ12. travelling there is the part i really dislike..
but i guess its alright since my transport cost are covered..
tho..i reli wish the ktm was more efficient.. T_T
it takes me 1 hour and a half just to get to Subang.. @_@

BUT NVM! continue this..
and very soon! hopefully after CNY..
I'll be able to earn enough to earn myself a laptop of my own.
Im only aiming at 1K plus one.. but can use, can edy la. =D

Many people will start judging the fact tht i wanna get myself a laptop..
I know so.
But i have my reasons.

will blog again soon when i have the chance to use the com!

Have a great New Year's Eve / New year!

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