Thursday, May 12, 2011

14 Days.

14 days left till the 27th of May.

i've been struggling to finish up my business revision so tht i can move on to contract and tort.
time is just never enough, but yet again, i cant wait for exams to be done with.
Sorry i've not been blogging for quite a while!
i've been really busy with my exam preparations.
i wake up, mayb i'd check my FB for a lil while..
and then its just books books books the whole day.

white paper with printed black ink can make someone so stressed up.
this wasn't the case.

The way the world has revolved aye?

but yes! i'm actually already thinking of all the things i want to do after exams! heee.=D super typical huh? hahaha.. but yeah.. i'm really kan-ciong-fied atm and i'm just really trying to do the best i can with the time i have left. i feel so unprepared. but i'm just gonna do my best and do what i can.

Business is so interesting when ur learning it.
but when it comes to exams, i wished i never took up business.  Sighs.
its a workload and i always feel so demotivated when i'm preparing for a business exam.
seriously. i start to doubt my capabilities and start wondering if i can handle a Law degree.

i felt the exact same way last year during my AS exams.
but i got through AS, i can get through A2.

Coz With God, All things are possible.
and i believe that He will never give  me something that i cannot handle.

During my stressing, i'm blinded to the lesson, that could be a blessing.

Ale ale ale .!


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