Sunday, May 15, 2011

I'm better.

I just had to talk to someone i look up to about this.
I'm better now.

Not as confused. or doubtful.
i failed to remember that going to church isn't a routine.
whats most important is that i'm still right with God.
I still have God in my heart and in my mind.
that i would go. its not that i dont want to.
that i must rmb why i'm going to church.

That its inside that matters most and not my outside acts.
someone can go to church every single day but if He/She doesnt have that relationship with God.. but do it coz it always have been a routine to go church on a Sunday, then whats the point?

i am upset about how i've not been setting aside time for God.
but i will try my best to set things right now that i've come to realization.

i just sometimes feel so frustrated when.. when.. i mean like,
Whats the point of studying so hard and aiming so high till you forget how to live life and start to neglect the things that matter more?

Haihs. isn't it true?
i know studies are still important but if you study till that extent? whats the point?

Anyways about my frustration in my previous entry.
someone told me that theres no right or wrong.
what matters most is that i know where i stand in my faith.

but of course if i can go church i definitely will. but exams are just so close.. missing one revision class, its quite important to me.

sighs. but its a dilemma alright.
anyways, just wanna make sure you guys know that i'm better.
so dont worry so much.
but do pray for me if you can?

that i'll not forget whats most / more important in Life..during my busy periods of preparation for my finals. And that i'll not forget that God should be the center of my Life. i'll have better time management, able to get back on track and set more time aside for God.

Thanks alot guys.


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