Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Not there yet.

Tbh, i have not reached that stage yet.

The stage where u feel all free and the feeling of being done with exams.
Nah..nope..no.. havent reached there yet. I THOUGHT i did.
but i realized today that i have not.


coz i still feel really stressed out.
i feel like i havent had much time for myself still.
i'm so busy doing this doing that fetching here fetching there..
taking care of my nephew.. and alot of things lah.

sigh. nvm.. i'll reach there soon la.
i hope..

I hope this coming trip to Sabah would be a good one.
and i've yet to plan my july and august out..
definitely dont wanna slack around the house the whole time..
but till then, i've equipped myself with tonnes of movies and tv series to watch.
got em from Annjili today. =D

kay la. just wanted to blog abt this coz i kinda felt down today.


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