Thursday, June 07, 2012

Bye Malaysia!

Days after Genting has been as busy!

Was really Busy getting all the necessary things for my Perth trip, done!
I barely have time for my own family in fact!

The only person i managed to visit after my Genting trip was my grandma. Miss her so much! so glad i got to spend some time with her. Other than that, it has been running here and there, getting this and that! And boy did i take like a gazillion years to pack! I started around 7pm i think. I finally finished at 3am. Yeah. That long. And no, i didn't exactly pack a mountain of things because it was at 1am when i realized, eh, ur baggage quite small kan? LOL. check in baggage but my baggage size is only as big as a baggage tht i can hand carry into the plane! Super fail or wht?! and my baggage only 13kg. hahahaha~ I paid for 20kg..

But i'll be bringing two bags so thts fine i guess. Im so excited!
I've always wanted to go to Australia eversince i was a small kid!
And now i've finally saved up enough to go! i always told myself, the first country i wanna go to, is Australia and now it's finally happening! heheeeee. =))))))))))))))

My family have been so helpful in getting us ready for our trip. So are my friends!
I keep getting alot of texts from friends telling me the dos and donts.. telling me wht to bring wht nt to bring..and all those stuffs.. And i just met up with a friend for lunch just nw coz she pinjam me her universal adapter! =D hw nice of her! She pinjam me her adapter AND buy me lunch somemore! Am i blessed or am i blessed?! =)))

And now theres another friend coming to pinjam some of my notes for his Year 1 and he is bringing a universal adapter to give it to me as a gift! I AM SO BLESSED! =D

My friends in aussie have already planned out stuffs for us! so excited to see whts in store for us. =)) 2 hours before i leave my hse for the airport..

Dad: So is there anything that u are worried about?
C: yes. There is.
Dad: wht isit?
C: Not enough memory space!!!!

hahahahaa. YES. i scared not enough memory space! knowing me. =P
How now? i scared to bring my harddisk there coz too many precious stuffs inside. Dont wanna bring my lappy either coz.. coz.. so maa fan..


Thought of buying a new hard drive but didn't end up doing so. So i just emptied all my pendrives.. i hope it'll be enough! =/

OHHH! hahaha..a silly story for you before i go!

So i went to PUBLIKA just now for lunch..when i parked my car, i suddenly realized, DUDE WHERES MY PHONE?! I left it at home. =.=!!!!!!!!! And we dont have a set meeting spot. And i did not memorize her number! So i thought of searching for a public phone, went to the information counter, "I'm sry, we dont have public phones here.." Me: okaaaaaaaaaay WHAT NOW?! T.T?!

And all of a sudden, the lady at the info counter gave me smth btr than a public phone! she gave me a phone to use! haha! Hw nice of her! So i had to call my brother to use my phone to call andrea and to ask her to meet me at a particular spot. LOL. While i waited near the info counter for her, I suddenly felt like those lost kids who were waiting for their parents to come pick em up! hahahaa! Cacat maaans! Silly Billy Willy Me.

Lesson learnt! everytime u wanna meet up with someone, pick a specific spot to meet up! =P

i gtg!
We'll see if i get to update u guys when i'm in aussie! =P

till next time~!
Jgn rindu akan saya ya! =P hahahaa.

PS: I just want to apologize to all my friends who have been calling me out eversince my exams or rather before my exams till now! I'm sorry we couldn't meet up, i'm sorry for all the late replies! Sometimes i get so busy i forget to reply! Just know that i didn't do any of these intentionally. I will see u all after my Perth trip okay? Thank you for being so patient with me. I wanna see you guys.. so dont think i couldnt be bothered to see you okay? Pls pls pls dont! i do! i just dont have the time at the moment! I promise! after perth!

Love love love~

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  1. Enjoy, Perth!
    You deserve a good break! =)