Tuesday, June 26, 2012


So how was my first day back at work?

heh. it was GOOD!

#1. Someone picked me up directly from my house.
#2. Someone bought me breakfast.
#3. I finally now know how i look like with purple hair! and i honestly think it is not too bad! :D
#4. I met so many people! and ran into so many familiar faces! i sangat SHY! not bad, they could recognize me even with my purple hair. ahahaha. awesomess!
#5. Someone bought me dinner.
#6. Someone sent me home.

Who gets such treatment on their first day of work?!

hahaa. Ahhhhhhhhhh... how am i not blessed u tell me?!
I was worrying and thinking..how am i gonna get to work tmr? thinking thinking thinking.. and suddenly the phone rang..

Celine! i need you to work for the mentos roadshow tmr instead of the Le-Mond roadshow.. u okay with that? I will get someone to pick u up from ur hse tmr morning. :)

Me: okay boss..anything is good with me!

thinks..*i didn't even mention abt transport problems! gasp!*

Thanks for watching out for me.. :)

So it is true..

"Therefore do not worry about tomorrow,for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. " Matthew 6:34

U know how i previously blogged about being so lost.. and struggling still to cope with everything that has been happening? Well, on sunday, in church, the pastor suddenly said.. " I dont know who this message is for.. but whoever u are..i suddenly heard/saw this.. You are standing there..with so many things in front of you..You are struggling to cope and you feel so lost.. But God wants you to stop worrying for He will piece them altogether for you. He will align all these things for you. "

Me: wow..... =')

It's exactly a week since i left Perth and i've still not unpacked. *dropsonbed* i dread packing.. and i dread unpacking.. it takes foreverrrrrrrrrrrrr. D: my luggage is still sitting there..all packed and nice. No, not nice actually.. my room is in a mess from all the shopping bags and yada yada from Perth. I have to clean my room before the 7th of July! i'm awaiting a very special guest..VVIP! to come into my life.. I'm excited yet nervous. =S!

and oh.. u know.. everytime i look up at the night sky now.. i feel sad. =( It is nothing compared to the night sky in Perth. sighs. miss miss miss just lying down and looking up at the most beautiful night sky i've ever seen..the milky way and all.. ahhh.. the sky here is so polluted u can barely see the stars!

i cant wait to see an Aurora with my own two eyes. i know that day will come.

and and and i've so many story books/books to read! i bought some before my exams.. but all of a sudden, it seems almost impossible to finish em.. i'm just.. SO BUSY! :O! gonna work hard! then its finally time for some twin time! a whole week with The Bestfriend, away away away to our secret gettaway~! packing again! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I LOVE TRAVELLING! but i hate packing! how now?! this is so difficult. hahahaa. wonder why some things just end up this way.. wht u love and wht u dread.. comes in one package. nyehh..

Time for some reading and then its standing for 10 hours again tmr.
Goodnight. :)



  1. I'm not much of a Barney fan, really.
    But it's good to get it out of your system. =)

  2. hahahaha! i seeeeeeee.

    but yes! now at least, i know how i look like with purple hair. haha! if not i'd always be wonderingggg.