Sunday, June 03, 2012

Busy busy busy~!

Hello everyone!

wow! I really have been busy haven't I?!

haha. i thought i could blog about my exam experience after exams, upload all the delayed pictures and yada yada but it was the total opposite! i barely had time to do anything else except dancing dancing and dancing! It was a pretty crazy week. I finished exams on Tuesday and right after my last paper, i had dance practice all the way till 1am-2am. You can imagine how crazy pracs were for wednesday - friday. There were new routines which i've yet to learn! can u believe it?! So in those 3 days, i had to polish up all the other routines i learnt from my brother during exams AND learn up the new routines. We would be practicing from early in the morning till somewhere in the middle of the morning. haha. Sleep late, wake up early. That was my life for the past 2 weeks. Actually, come to think of it, it was pretty much the same during exams. haha..


About my exams.

This was the examination building in UM. The new one. I'd wake up by 5am, revise a lil and head out by 6.30am because all my papers were morning papers. Plus i didn't want to get tired by being caught up in the morning Jam. 

For my first paper, criminal, heh.. i was sooooooo optimistic ok! The night before i was like, ok la chill la, just do what you can with what you have and leave the rest in God's hands. So i was pretty alright the night before my first paper. BUT IN THE MORNING.. when i reached the exam building.. FUYOOOO! butterflies man! butterflies! Guess it's normal. But you see, i usually reach by 7.30am. So i have time to revise a lil here and there. As i was doing so in my car, all of a sudden, i had the urge to vomit! It was then when i realize, whoa! UR THT NERVOUS HUH?! hahaha... but anyways i didn't vomit. I'm glad I had the mental strength to stay optimistic.

The building was surrounded by loadsa students. I saw many luxurious cars drive pass me. Drivers dropping off other exam candidates,parents who drove cars like audi TT, porche, yada yada.. parked with their kid in the passenger seat revising. When i went into the toilet, i saw alot of other candidates freaking out.. on the verge of vomiting.. and all the typical exam atmosphere lah. lol.. u name it.. it happened. What surprised me was tht.. criminal law, our first paper, was held in the same hall with another 2 different papers! and no, there were no walls separating us candidates. So it was really annoying when the invigilators announced something totally non-relating to criminal law. SO ANNOYING. Disrupt my flow of thoughts man.. Made me waste a few seconds trying to recall what i was about to write. Pfft.. and If you didn't know, You have absolutely no time to stop and think.. Your hand must keep on writing as you think! So for those who did not train their hand stamina, they probably couldn't finish all 4 essays.

The hall was really big. So it took us quite a while to find out table. the worse part ? our tables changed every single day because we shared the same hall with different papers throughout our exams. AND OH! GUESS WHAT?! The invigilator's HP rang dont know how many times during our paper.. *pullshair~!* argggh! unbelievable.. That bad huh? I never knew. sheesh.

anyways criminal went alright. It was quite saddening that the format for my year changed because the examiner for our year changed. Hence, all the practices we did for our past year questions were not really that helpful. Of course it did help, but if you ask me, looking at how different the format was this year, If you didn't know your stuff well, PLUS if you did not have good time management, criminal paper would've sucked. lol.. no jokes.

Anyways, for Public law, oh gosh.. this particular sub is like my hurdle for year 1. Seriously. And to make things worse? I was sick before public law.. to the point i couldn't stand still without having the feeling of fainting. No, i did not force myself to study till i fell sick. In fact, i think i take care of my health the most during exams. Seriously. i sleep latest by 12am okay. latest. And in my timetable, 12am is very early. =P I also sleep at 10pm la k.. so yea, i had enough rest enough water. But i guess the weather was just really crappy. So yeah, i was realllllllyyyyy freaking out the night before Public law because i couldn't study, everything i memorize was suddenly GONE! my mind was totally blank and it was already 11pm. By 12am, i started to feel slightly better thanks to prayers and the panadols i took. So if you ask me, i practically only had 3 hours to revise for Public Law. Thank God, i pulled through. Many times i felt like fainting during the paper but i pushed myself. Yes, i knew what the question wanted and yes, i managed to finish all the essays in time. But whether i did well, ok or bad, i've totally no idea. haha. seriously. we'll find out in August. After Public Law was over, i was SO RELIEF! My nightmare for year 1 was over! I definitely could not have done it without God's grace. =)

Throughout my papers, there will always be at least one person beside me, looking around, sleeping on the table or making loud SIGHS right after looking at the questions. =.=! I feel sad for them. 1 paper cost you at least rm1000 plus. I dont know what they're going through but i know if i did that, i'd not forgive myself weih! I take every chance i get as if it was my last chance. It's either do or die. So yeah, once i start something, i'll make sure i finish it. There was even one girl highlighting her statute book during exams! oh noooo! whyyyyyyyyyyy?! Sighs. =/

CLR was probably my best paper! and I'm not sure if i did better for Contract. But i'm just glad that Year 1 is finally over and that i did not give up half way even though i really felt like doing so many times. Because If you didn't already know, Law was not my first choice. But since I'm already in this field, i'll finish what i started. I dont wanna be someone who start something and then give up half way. I know i can do anything as long as i put my heart into it and with God, nothing is impossible. If He put me in particular situation, i know He will pull me through. I believe that God will never give us something we cannot handle. =)

I will be starting my Year 2 in September. 
Cant wait for results to come out in August. =)

Heh. After exams, I was HARDLY AT HOME! i'm always out early, back home.. 'early' coz of the intense hard core pracs for the Genting show. i hardly saw my mum or dad. hahaa.. then pergi Genting for 1 week! now i'm back, and in 4 days times, I'll be away from home again! Off to Perth for 2 whole weeks! =D! didn't realize how busy my after exams schedule was! hahaa.. my gosh.

It felt so weird coming back home yday after such a crazy week in Genting. That's how long i've not been home. It felt so weird looking at my bed and room and all. Too used to the hotel room and all edy. hahaa.. I cant seem to explain what i felt yesterday.. but i guess it's just those feelings you get when you've been away from home for so long and suddenly when you get back, everything feels strangely different. Am i making any sense? hahahaa .. ahh i blur edy.

I'll blog about Genting soon. it was one crazy ride and journey! THIS, I MUST SHARE! =)
And I will share!
But now, it's time to sleep. 3am edy. =/ and i've church tmr. haha.
so Goodnight!
*tsktsktsk..see .. after exams back to my nocturnal habits.* bad bad bad..




  1. So hyper about exams. hahaha~~

  2. good to hear and nice to see, keep the positive power up :)

  3. Jarod: hahahaa.. WHERE GOT?! Im so hyper that it's over! hahaha.. =P

    Caleb: Hi Leb! Good to know you still drop by! i didn't know! haha. Thanks for reading.. =)

  4. Anonymous8:00 PM

    Perhaps sleeping before midnight is abnormal to your body hence you fell sick. and btw it's Porsche, not porch :p

  5. Anonymous: Ohh yaa~ typo. lol my bad. :)

  6. Chin Leng2:04 AM

    It's not Anonymous.. have a good and enjoyable trip to aussie =) Take good care of urself.

  7. Chin Leng: Yes, anonymous sounded like u, i kinda figured. =P Thank u ya. :)

  8. Hah, glad to know that there is also a person who didn't choose Law at the first place... I also wanted to smoothly go throught each year and passed with everyone in the class... Anyway, nice post!

  9. Haha.. Yes yes. We can do this! Jia you! And thanks.. :)