Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Dear Teacher..


it has been so long and boy was my previous entry depressing.
i was really at a very low point in life. But not to worry, I am back! =D

"Aren't u suppose to be studying?!!"

I just finished my 3rd paper today! and it was GOOD! i am so happy.
This is probably my best paper thus far! one more to go and i am aiming for a first class!
The sky is the limit. =)

I will blog about my exam experience in detail soon. But for now, because today is teachers day, I really want to share my thoughts about the teachers I have had in my life.

Let me start with my current lecturers.

People in college/university dont call their educators, teachers, anymore. It's apparently childish and people would make fun of you when you call them "Teacher!" U'd usually get such a response.. "Teacher? U still in high school ah?"

It never stopped me from seeing them as My teachers though.
I have always admire a Good Teacher when I see one.
It takes a degree or cert to qualify a person to be a 'teacher' but it takes a sincere heart to be a Teacher. You could clearly tell when someone was teaching out of the heart and teaching, just because it's their Job. Hence, why i admire a Good Teacher when i see one.

Not many teachers nowadays, especially in government schools actually take the time to really nurture their students.. Not many teachers nowadays go that extra mile..for their students sake. Not many go beyond and above what is required of them - To finish the syllabus.

But the teachers in my Life, some of them, have impacted my life.
When I see their sincere hearts and dedication, it motivates me. It makes me feel cared for. It gives me hope that not everyone in this world do what they do just because of money. I feel truly blessed whenever i come across a Good Teacher. They are rare, very rare.

After Every Paper, (My current LLB - Year 1 exams) My Teachers called me. They called to ask me how it went, what were the questions about, how did it go, and cheered me on for the following paper. There are about 100 plus in my class itself. Maybe more. That is why, when i got a call from my teachers after my paper, i felt so blessed! I feel so cared for. My teacher actually genuinely cares for me! =') Before the exams, whenever i freaked out, or suddenly found myself in a pool of doubts and confusion, i'd sms my teachers to ask them questions. Sometimes they'd just reply my sms but sometimes they'd call me immediately. Haha.. they got worried! the minute i answered the phone.. they'd go.. " Eh! how come! why you suddenly confuse?! Breath and relax okay! " hahahahaha.. and then they'd explain and answer all my questions. EVEN THOUGH they are not working, not on 'duty' , they still attended to me. How often do you find such lecturers in Universities who are willing to sacrifice their holidays or off time to help their students?!! Truly, they are Teachers indeed. 2 days before my Public Law exam, i was very sick. I could not study and my mind went blank for 2 whole days! its as if i had temporary memory loss! And the fact that Public Law was my biggest nightmare for Year 1 didn't help one bit! i was totally freaking out! i did as many essays as i could and actually scanned it and sent it to my Public Law teacher.

Who would take the time to read scanned essays of their emails on a weekend?!
A Teacher would.

I just want to thank You, Ms.Puvan, for being so caring, so strict, but i knew it was for my own Good. You prepared us well. You really did a great job at preparing us for our paper. Thank you for attending to me even when i asked nonsensical questions out of randomness. Thank You for coming to UM just to see us off into our exam hall before our first paper. You are truly a Good Teacher. Thank you for your calls and your smses. I am very blessed to have a teacher like you. =')

Ms.Diana, Thank You for reading all my essays, both hard copy and soft copy. Thank you for accepting to mark my essays even when it was only 2 days prior to the exams. Thank you for your encouraging words and for your call. I remember going to you during the first tutorial, telling you how Public Law was my biggest nightmare. How i dont think i can get through this subject and then You gave me your number to contact you if i ever needed help. I appreciate it alot and i appreciate you alot. Thank you so much!

In Highschool,

I enjoyed my English periods alot. It has been a long time since i've enjoyed English Periods. The last time i had a Good English teacher was in Primary 6. Haha.. and Boy was she fierce! She trained me for Public Speaking and saw me through all the way till the district level, but sadly, by the competition day itself, My voice had not come back and i lost at that level.

Puan Letchumi, i will never forget how fierce you were in primary 6. Especially when you were training me for the Public Speaking competition. I remember how we used to stay back everyday after school till it was 6pm. Training and training and training. And then she'd send me home. WHO DOES THAT?!!! A teacher does. =)

And sadly, after Puan Letchumi, i dreaded English Periods. UNTILL! FORM 4. When i met you, Mdm Lim! She was such a fun english teacher! She'd go over and above the syllabus! She was the most modern teacher i ever had in High School! hahaha.. but i remember accepting her friend request in facebook and One day, i suddenly saw her status.. " Celine Yap! I am still waiting for your Literature book! " HAHA. i will never forget my expression and feelings when i first saw tht status. " Omgosssssshhhhh! My teacher asking me for homework on facebook! :O?!!! " hahahahahaa..

She'd always come up with new ideas to keep us looking forward to every English Period. I dont know about my other mates, but i know i did! I really looked forward to her classes! I remember, our oral test was done through a video project! it was my first time using windows movie maker to make a video. She even taught us how to use it. We had so much fun! =) i'm still so proud of my work. I did a video entitled "PASSION" hahaa.. *that is soooo me. =P *

Anyways Mdm Lim, i really thank you for being such a great teacher. Even up till now, i still see you as my teacher and i always will. =) You really put hard work and effort into educating and nurturing us and You deserve credits for it! * hehe.. please dont correct my english after reading this blog entry ok? Blogs are informal? =P hahaha..* Miss You Teacher! I really hope to see You in Kuching one day! i am really keen on visiting Sarawak. =))

Puan Thila! omgosh.. she was so nice and motherly la!
MY BM WAS HORRIBLE. My form 4 BM teacher was the laziest teacher i have ever had! We practically didn't have any BM class throughout our whole form 4! She was so lazy, till WE STUDENTS, got lazy to actually stayback and see if she comes to class. it was THAT BAD! and my BM was horrible! for Rumusan, up till form 5, i thought it was the same as Ringkasan in form 3 and so i was actually doing that UNTILL, Pn. Thilagam pointed it out to me. I felt so doomed for BM. i was not gonna let BM ruin my SPM results! and so i promised her to do many essays and she promised to see me through and she did! she saw me through and she helped me whenever i needed help. it was so ironic because i spoke BM really fluently, till sometimes i could bluff that i was a Malay and they wouldnt call my bluff! hahaha.. but i was SO BAD AT ALL THOSE TATABAHASA AND ESPECIALLY! PERIBAHASA. omgossssh.. peribahasa was my enemy in BM. hahaha.. but Puan Thilla helped me through it. Thank You Pn.Thilla.. u have really been such a motherly teacher to me.. It's no wonder why my brother is so close to you right now. We know a good teacher when we see one. =))

my dance teacher!
oh gosh, i dont know how many times i've blogged about you. But He is seriously a TEACHER! he doesn't do it for the money entirely but he sincerely wants to see us grow as dancers. He'd go out of the way to train us, practice with us, give us opportunities, give us exposure. During competition, we even went to his house and danced on the road infront of his house in the middle of the night to complete the routine! and He himself, is a very very busy man! especially with all the competitions and performances that Katoon Network is doing. Going Taiwan, and so many places to compete and perform. I just want to thank you for being so dedicated, humble and sincere. Me and Benroy really appreciate You alot Celica! we never stop feeling bless to have you as our sifu! Thank You for giving us the opportunity to dance and to grow in dance. :)

There are  a few more teachers that i hold close to my heart but i'm out of time. haha.
But anyways, i just want to wish all of you, a very


Thank You for all You've Done.
I am here today and I am the person I am today because of All of You.
Lots and lots of Love!

Celine. =)



  1. Yea!
    I rmb our oral video project and of coz the choir!

    Dum Dum Da la dum dum da la dum dum da la dum dum XD

  2. Shawn6:48 PM

    That's alot of cheese, Boogie-chan. But since it's you, I'll let it slide because it's expected of ya. Hehe.

  3. How sweet.
    I'm glad your feeling so good about your grades!
    Keep it up!

  4. Teng: hahaha.. me too! good times good times! =) and we won first for the choir competition! nt bad at all.. =)

    Shawn: it's expected of me?! Means i'm very cheesy la now? =P haha.. ish!

    Jarod: I'm pretty sure u've tonnes of sweet students looking up to you as well.. =) I'm glad it's over! Now i'm just really curious on how the results would turn out.