Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mystery Unveiled.

With much anxiety, butterflies and curiosity..
For a Whole Year..

The Mystery has finally been Unveiled! =))))))

It has been a crazy year of sampat-ing..
But its just TMTH for the whole Mystery to be unveiled in JUST A DAY.!
ONE YEAR and ONE DAY.. HUGEEEE difference weihh!
hahaha.. but anyways..

It brought alot of Smilesssss! =))))))))))))))))))
hahahaa... Ahhhhhhh~ =)))))))))))))))

Anyways! besides all the JOY..
Theres also a sad story to be told.. =(
Like usual Kan? Life is always about Ups and Downs. =/

I used to share both Happiness and Sadness with you..
But the troubles and problems in my life doubled and tripled..
It became too much for you to handle.. U got tired..
I understand and i stopped sharing my overloaded problems with you..
And so.. i only shared my Happiness with you..
But now..

I cant even share my Happiness with you either..
I can no longer share both Good and Bad..
Both Ups and Downs, Happy or Sad times with you anymore..

How is this then, called a Friendship?

It was really amazing how that simple miss call explained every single question.

Sighs. Oh wells.. =( 

As happy and over joyed i am about the unveiled Mystery,
You definitely play a bigger role in my life. 

But i guess this is Life. People and Things change as time goes on.

i'll be going down to JB on the 18th to celebrate my Nephew's 2nd Birthday! =)
Cant wait to huggg himm! he's such a cutieee! =)))

Till next time.. =D


Lord, You are.. truly the Only One..
Who I can trust and fully rely on.

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