Monday, July 26, 2010

Disappointed Much.

i've been so disappointed with so many people lately.. N these ppl aren't just merely ppl i know but people tht are close to my heart. And people whom i love. People whom my heart is like a thin piece of glass tht can be shattered very easily by. And yes i know. Things like these happen all the time. Its part of life and yada yada but still.. We were created with feelings nw weren't we? Sighs. Thts all i can do/say.

Anyways..i've nt been able to come online much coz of some reasons.. And alot has been happening. Both good n bad of course. But hav been crazily busy as well. Havent been able to sleep well lately too. =( its like every night i either have weird dreams or i cant find the right comfortable position to slp. I toss n turn n before i know it, its time to wake up already. Baaah.

Sides that, finally took my moral final exam today.. Its good coz after this monday i wouldn't hav to go to coll on mondays anymore. Save time n energy. N money as well. Sat for the exam just nw and guess what? My new handphone.. The E63 almost got stolen. T.T! Ahhhh. Thank God it wasn't i've completely no idea wht tht person was thinking bt im jst glad tht his conscience or whtever made him leave my handphone at the staircase..n he just left. When i finished my moral exam, i went out of the room happily n took my bag everything n was abt to ciao. N as i made the turning to the staircase i saw my handphone pOuch on the stairs n i was like omg! Whts it doing there?! Grabbed it n checked n was so relieved my ic touch n go driving license n phone was still inside. T.T thank God also that no one else came out after me. Even if there was, i thank God tht no one else noticed my hp there. =/

Ur probablY thinking y i didn't bring in my hp to the hall? Coz frm wht i was told, we r nt allowed to bring in our hp n there will be someone taking care of our bags. ObviousLy there wasn't anyone doing so. Sigh.. Pffftttt! Anyways im jst waiting here in coll for my dad to fin work till 6pm. Using my E63 to blog. So tired n yeah. Im still in shock. Imagine urself.. Just bought a new Hp tht u worked for n sudd u see it on the staircase out of no where. Ur hp was offed n out of the usual place y'd always place it in..tht was my feeling.. Still recovering from tht tho jst so thankful tht it wasn't stolen. T.T

Aihs..anyways. Mondays r free nw. Bt tht doesn't mean free time for me. Means i've an extra day to study more nw. Lol. Exams r in like 3months time..cant afford to waste anytime. Plus, exams are going on every week nw till i dunno when. Exams for diff subs. Cant wait to fin my malaysian studies exaM. Then i dont need to go to coll on friday eitheer..

Dance concert is also coming reeeaaalll soon. 7th Aug. At kelana jaya mars auditorium. Tickets are at rm 35 and rm 50. Whoever wanna come see can lemme noe. Time, its in the evening bout 7pm if im nt wrong. So lemme noe yeah. Had full dress rehearsal yday and a photoshoot.. Sad seven n eleven wasn't wit us. The photo wasn't complete. =/

Anyhoo, thts whts been going on wit me i guess. Status atm... : disappointed.. Emo? Hmm mayb a lil.. I dunno.. Sighs.

guess some things r jst out of our reach yeah? And all we can do is to pray abt it. Pray for whoever thtd hurting us and stuffs. =/


Sometimes a hug can mean everything. More than words could ever do.

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