Sunday, July 18, 2010

What a Long Weekend!

Hey hey hey!
my blog has been deprived from pictures for quite a while now eyh?
hahaa.. sowee.. =P well, so! from where i stopped!
hmm lets see! My grandma's 80th birthday! yesh..
the one i was supposed to do a more detailed entry of..
but i guess that wouldn't be happening anytime soon!
hahaha.. yeah.. i've just been so BUSY lately!
with test and exams coming up.. assignments filling in..
Dance concert drawing near.. both my saturdays n sundays..
are taken up by dance pracs the whole day!
and just like that, i've hardly time to sleep even!
yes.. i've been sleep deprived lately..
and been driving alot today as well.. i drove to so many places..
i felt as if i drove to JB. T_T

not only today actually. been driving.. ALOT.
hahaa.. example of today, went to church..
Mum forgot her working uniform, went back home after church..
drove her to curve.. passed by church again to go to federal highway..
went to cheras for dance prac. then had dance prac in subang..
then from cheras fetched benroy home coz he was having fever..
well.. he was just nt well lar. dunno whether it was fever or wht..
then drove to curve from home to pick mum up..
and drove back home. T_T tiredddddddddd!

1st-ly, my car can only travel at 60km/h! the fastest..
if not my car will die or smth..
2nd-ly, im shooo broke right now..
i didn't have enough money to fill petrol.. T_T
used up my last rm20 for petrol today..
yeah.. so my weekend has been a very LONG one!
but i really love dance pracs moments. =)
wht more can i say? Dance is my passion. =)

SO. enough abt me being oh-so-busy!
here are some pics from where i left off.. =P
(not all, but some. haha.. i need to sleep!) =D

Joseph & Jamie's Wedding! =)

the cutest couple i've ever met so far. =)
(im serious!)

U cant help but smile when u see them together.. =)

I won passes to watch the Premier of Predator.
So nick came to my college from subang.. and he followed me back to my hse.. bathe and then we headed to curve/ cineleisure to meet up with the rest. =)
there was nick,joe,benroy..
Janning.. and also aaron! yes yes.. aussie boy is back. =)
i like. =D
well predator was So So only larh.. =P nothing big or HU HA about. =P
( for me tht is. haha..)

One of my seniors, Gary, was bored and so.. wasted a new Study Planner by doing the above. =.=!

9th July.
Rushed to SERDANG after class to bake a cake for daddy. =)

The End Product! =)
Couldn't have done this without Wan Ching!
yep, baked it in her house. i actually took pictures of the whole baking process, but again, i shall blog abt it some other time. had alot of fun, tho we were rushing like crazy.. hahaa..
Glad they loved it! =) hehe. it was hard work kay! hahaa..

Recently, like.. 2 days ago i think..
Finally got a hair cut. =D
Changed my fringe side,and changed fringe style. =D kept my long hair tho. wanna grow it longer. =D

Friday, Went to RED AMP
Mainly to see Colby O Donis & Mizz Nina.

Colby n Nina
basically this event was like the search for Asia's best band or smth.. so yup! there were bands from indonesia.. thailand and just everywhere. The above picture is 69, from thailand. took pic with em only coz i liked how they performed and their style. =) and they're really nice people! haha.. =D

so yup. these were my events so far. hahaha.. those tht i took pictures at.. sometimes i forget to bring my camera along. =P and i need a new hard drive! ahhh.. pictures have overloaded my current one. =/ haha.. shows the amount of pictures i take. =P

next event? MTV WORLD STAGE.
YES! im gonna be there. =)
Lil bro won tickets to go. =D

and also my Dance Concert on the 7th of Aug!
will fill ya in with more details soon. =)

till then!
i owe myself LOADS and LOADS of sleep!

lemme share with you 2 scenarios that shows how sleep deprived celine yap is!

I was half way setting my phone alarm so tht i could wake up early for band prac on saturday. While i was setting the alarm.. i fell asleep. CAN U IMAGINE THT?! hahaha.. gosh! halfway setting alarm also can fall asleep. =.=!

woke up late the next morning. duh. no alarm. D: and guess wht?! I WAS DROOLING! O.O! hahaa omgosh! i dont drool! i woke up and was like.. EWWWWW U DROOLED! hahahahahaha...

After dance on saturday.. i totally went into la la land the minute i touched my bed. @_@ like totally knocked out weih.

hahaa.. okay 3 scenarios. whtever. =P
but yeah maaaan!
i need to start taking care of myself. HAHA. =P

so Goodnight!

Someone Like You. :)