Sunday, May 03, 2009

Its Back On Shuffle!

Yesh! my playlist is back on shuffle! lawl.
Went to church and lead praise and worship.
It all went well. =) had fun! hahaa.. :D
after church, went to seksyen 14 and ate Mc Ds with Sugins,JJ,Jov and Brothers.

then we walked around in digital mall coz Jov wanted to check out some phones.. and then we went to OU! =) had a game of snooker.. daytona ( racing car) lol. and just hung out la. =)

JJ doing some sexy pose. LOL. NOT. haha.

Mah Darling. =)

Candid by Jov. =)

Ooooh~~ Smexxxyyyy~! =P

Okay. Benson and Benroy SERIOUSLY LOOKS ALIKE IN THE SECOND PIC! I FINALLY see the resemblance! xD coz ppl always mention hw benroy looks so alike with benson but i disagree! and in this picture! they totally do! haha.!

Then we walked pass Original Fake and visited Calvin. xD Yesh he is working now. like FINALLY? xDD..

Y do u always have to close ur eyes when we snap the first pic? lol. u ALWAYS do tht. =P

Lighting is BAD.

Yay i like this. got two spot lights behind. HAHA. =)

So we disturbed Calvin untill Benroy fell asleep behind the clothes. x)

Then me and Jov started snapping random pics of him coz he kept complaining how much he doesn't like taking pictures. x)

U should thank us. now u have better pictures of urself. HEHE. =P

i seriously cant forget the part where.. me and jov were taking pictures together and Calvin was right infront of us. looking at us take pictures. then he started singing along to the song playing. it was so.. =.=!!!!!!!! xDDD me and jov ended up bursting out in laughter and fell to the ground. the best was, we did tht at the SAME TIME xD Chunted. haha.. and our picture.. turned out.. SUPER BLUR. all ur fault la calvin! lol..the song went smth like..

"I know you want me, You know u want me " and it kept repeating. dunno wht la. but it went smth like tht. =.=!!!!!!! hw to not laugh i ask u?! hahah!

Last picture before leaving. =D
Panda Eyes. tsk tsk. U need some sleep Boy! =P

So after tht.. lepak here and there..Saw some small kid being "tortured" by the massaging chair.. LOL. Jov took a vid. dun have it here tho. =P ate ice cream and ciao-ed. On the way back we saw Paul Xavier working out in the gym above us. Funaaaay. xD

BTW! Congratulations DANIEL and EUNICE on the Birth of NATHAN CHAI JIAN AUN!! =)) Ur first Baby in the family! wohooo! u guys are parents already! =)) Future WORLD Bboy champion ey Dan? I KNEW it was gonna be a boy! ;)

I gtg sleeeeeep man.

GoodNight People. =)

PS: Are u guys still eating pork? =/

I await My Teddy Bear!
giv it back to its rightful owner! =P