Friday, May 22, 2009

I know u want me, You know i want cha~ x)

Hello dear readers!
i'll be back soon!
one more subject left to go, PHYSICS.
3 papers.

Await my REALLY REALLY long post. haha. =)
U wouldn't believe just how much things can happen in 2 weeks!

PS: the pitbull " i know u want me " song is juz fannay and catchy. =P JOVENNE! rmb the first time we heard this song? in orginal fake? HAHA. Thats right. This was the song Calvin was singing when we were taking pictures in his shop till we dropped to the floor with laughter. =P . HAHA. funny moments to rmb. =)

i'll be back! i promise. =D


  1. OMC! I wanted to download that song too. But net super slow OMG! LOL u like that song too? hi5!


  2. gahahhaa.. and it spoilt our attempted picture!