Friday, May 29, 2009

The SUPER LONG post I promised! :D

Wokay! Hold On tight! coz we're heading for a loooooooooong ride! =P
WhaT went on during the pass 3 weeks?! =D

One day i was in the bus on the way to tuition. this super hagged lady came up the bus. her hair looked as if it hasn't been cut for ages. its all dry and.. damaged. she tied two and both the pony tails were as thick as my botol size okay! and everyone just stared and all. she sat beside me. so i could feel wht she may be feeling. one thing is for sure. Staring is rude. the whole bus gave me the feeling as if they cant accept her as part of the community or smth. thats just so mean. rawr.the lady infront just stared rudely with the "EYER. and grosed out look" HOW RUDE! grr.

was pretty down after my maths paper 2. coz the graphs gave me a hard time and i didn't quite understand.. and ah.. it just.. brought me down. =( but not anymore. =D i got 79 or 80 for maths. not sure. haha. =D

i was superrrr hyper tht day! i cant gurantee an A. but i guess i improved alot! i usually feel super bad after my addmaths exam. but not this time! i was really happy. i had tht sense of improvement! =) THANK U SO MUCH KIM!! coz of her.. i think i got the whole section C right! she taught me all abt those index stuffs and all.. =) ILY!

on the same day! As i was ironing my uniforms, was listening to Hitz. and alot of ppl were calling to ask how they could win tickets to the premier of Monsters Vs Aliens 3D! but i didn't really care. then after alot of ppl called and asked.. i suddenly had a taught.. "Why not? hehe. =D" so i got the sms ready..and decided to try. FOR FUN. =) we're suppose to sms " tix Celine" to hitz when they play the trailer.. the trailer comes on ANYTIME! but i din reli care. hahaa.. so anways, i got the sms ready.. and when it played i quickly send. and i was laughing alone.. after i smsed.. and told myself.. "Heh, if i really win those tickets, i think God wants me to have a break from my exams. LOL. if i dont.. then dont larh." SUDDENLY! my hp rang!

Celine: Hello?
Hitz: Hello celine! its Natalie from!
Celine: OMG! did i win the tickets?!
Hitz: Yes dear, i'm calling u for a reason! =D u have won 4 tickets to the premier of monster vs aliens 3D at KLCC TGV on the 19th of May, 9.30pm!

okay. after tht conversation. i stoned! hahaa. i was like.. "Wht just happened?" HAHA! oh my goodness!!! i started jumping around the house like some mad person. and i seriously suddenly could jump really high! hahahaha!!! crazy-nesssssss! i smsed for fun and i actually won them tickets! i was the first to sms among all the rest tht tried to win too! ahhhh. Thank you God! =) my first time winning smth on radio. hehe. =D

after tht.. as i was taking in the clothes, i heard a loud buzz. looked around.. and saw this big ass fly man! like.. WAH?! then i looked closer.. Ceeeeeeeeehhhhhhhh....

LOL! =p then i had a taught.. "hmm.. i feel like taking those electric rackets and zap them. x) Should i..should i? " xDDDD then.. nahhh.. dun so bad la. they having fun then kena electric shock. lawl. I know. Jahat right me. hehe. =PP

#4. FRIDAY, 15.5.09
Class was very noisy, and we had free time after recess.. and i wanted to study bio.. so i took a chair.. and faced the wall.. and sat there and studied. so LOL la! everyone tht passed by stopped and stare. not tht i saw. coz i was facing the wall. but i heard. haha. and alot of ppl came "eh.. wht happen to u?" "celine wats wrong?" "Darling wht u doing here?" "Celine u okay?" xDDDDD... and etc. =.=... marilyn tot i was talking to the wall. like.. WHAT?! hahahaha...

on saturday.. woke up early to study. it felt really god waking early on a saturday. =) Scrolled through my smses in my inbox.. and emo-ed a lil. coz i SUPER MISS APPLE. =( after i got back.. i didn't get to study coz i din la. lol . and at night went to IOI mall to visit benson... ate A&W! =) its been long. =D

Sunday, was super tired after church. and i fell asleep when i was suppose to study! had to study early coz i'd be watching movie on 19th of may. so yeah. need to repay those times i use up going out. =P

Baby Shayne! tht cutie! =)

"Hey! stop taking my pictures!" xD

=) Remember? Just felt like taking a picture of it again. haha. =)
we're forever.! =)

#5. MONDAY. 18.5.2009.
Made a shoutout to Beng aka Apple on radio. =) coz i really missed her. and it'd be very typical to sms.. and say.. " i miss you." so i thought, lets do smth different. so yeah. =) she called me immediately after she heard my shoutout. my voice on radio. x) and yeah. it was really nice larh talking to her after so long. and.. and.. later tht evening. i won tickets for the premier of terminator salvation. =/ =D? OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. this is starting to get unREAL! O.O

Yesh. after school..round 5pm.. took ktm with benson to klcc. been a while since i've used the ktm and lrt. the last time was pc fair in 2008. june or smth. lawl. =)

so yeah, was there early.. and natalie from hitz called.. and asked some stuffs. when wanted to collect ticket there were some issues. but i got it in the end anyways. =D

Then BB and ah sun jie came a while later. =)

got in and since it was free seating, we had to line up earlier to get good seats!=) it was so coooooooool!!! first time watching 3D movie weih! =) wore those 3D glasses!=)

the starting of the movie. when all those animations appeared RIGHT INFRONT of ur eyes! everyone was like "woaaaah! waaaaaaaaah!!" and all. and the rest went "Shhhhhhhh!" x) and u could see people trying to touch those animations tht were infront of them with their hands. haha. so funny larh. xD the movie was really good!! i'm serious! u need to watch it! its cartoon, but this one is worth watching! =) especially in 3D! =D i give it a 9/10! =)

#7. Wednesday, 20.5.2009
Was very happy! coz of the night before. and during bio paper 3.. for the last questions.. the experiment.. i saw respiration but it was transpiration. so i wrote out the wrong experiment and report. i only realize i wrote wrong till the last 5 minutes. =( sighs. i felt really shitty after tht larh. seriously. i finished early. the bio 3.. and wasted 1 hour.. looking here and there.. go toilet and stuffs. i was over confident. sighs. felt like crap la. the last 5 mins i was like trying my best to write out the right experiment.. but i didn't get to finish it. i felt like a fool. SOMETIMES WHEN U ARE OVER CONFIDENT, U MAKE A FOOL OUT OF YOURSELF. =(. lesson learnt. i was very careful after tht. during chemistry paper 3. disappointed really. =/

Sejarah was not bad really. =)

Friday, chemistry. i could do. felt happy. =) i think i improved alot. thanks to the kasturi tuition teacher. =D it makes me wanna study even harder! =D went for tuition. when i was the bus stop. this indonesia lady suddenly talked to me. and told me all abt her. She married at the age of 15. give birth at 16.. her son is 40+ and she's 59. ONLY. lol. and she divorced.. married an indian dude here. 16 years of marriage already but her mother in law doesn't know. OMG?! and she told me tht her grandchildren are already my age. and they are getting married soon. some married edy. some havent. the last one thts gonna marry is 16. marrying a 28 year old guy. her grandchildren and family all in indonesia. she say its normal tht they marry at tht age there. O.O wah? lol. and she told me alot of stuffs la. it all started out when she said she came here just to eat lunch with her husband. lol. i forgo to bring my pencil box to tuition and my tuition student card was in there. so from kepong 2 kasturi branch i had to run back to kepong 1! 5 mins before tuition started! super tired weih. Ooooh ya! i watched American Idol finals tht night too! woot~! =) i knew kris would win after hearing both adam and him sing no boundaries. i still like adam anyways. =D

on saturday.. i missed the bus! ahhh. it was so friggin hot tht day. T_T din get to study physics. omg. =/ was too tired. =(

#9. Sunday! =)
i wore a shirt my aunt gave me. and when i changed into it. i saw benson wearing this!

LOL man! hahahaha.

and Benroy decided to join in. xD

candid by Sugin. i Like. =)

Sugin. =)

had a great time after church.
thanks alot. =)

#10. Sick. =(
Sunday had a bad bad painful sore throat at night. so pain tht i couldn't study properly. hurt so badly when i drank water. =( on monday.. did physics. was really not feeling well. just wanted to get my papers done. aaah. =/ had a slight fever on monday.. started gettin flam and coughed and had flu eventually. After school.. i thought i could go home and rest. but guess wht? my cousins came over for the day. and i had to take care of them instead of taking care of myself when i was sick! =( bathe them.. put them to sleep and all. aaah... =(


#11. FREE! =)
had my last paper. Physics 3. and hypered after tht. i think. lol. felt better tht day. thx for all the prayers darlings! =) *u noe who u are* thank God for watching over me. =) did house work.. and waited for taxi from 5.30 till 6.30pm! T_T.. Caleb,Jia yi and I. we went to OU to watch the premier of terminator salvation. =) Brought Leb as his birthday present. =D

Jia Yi aka Fishy. =D

Then Andy and Kim came! =) and we ate dinner at Carls Junior! omg! the burgers there are awesome!!! i din get to eat tho. din wanna make myself more sick. Again. so yes. resist temptation! x)

Aha. Andy posing with his chilli fries.

Kimmy. =)


BB came with ah sun jie after a while. =)

Kim was like "Benroy! cooler abit la." xD yes dear. the coolest pose ever. xDDDDDD...

Andy was suppose to do tht too. but .. =.=. poser. x)

Had a great great time. =)

except tht, when me,caleb,andy,jia yi wanted to play snooker. i went to buy tokens. i used a rm50 note. and she asked for smaller change. i said dun have. and she took out 4 stacks of rm1 and started counting it. like wth????? and she gave ..and said.. "Nah, 40 bucks" WTH?!

Andy: D'you have smth bigger? *we saw rm10 and rm5 in her cash box*
Cashier: No. dun have.
*me and andy pointed at those rm10 and rm5*
Cashier: I need it! i need to use!

then another guy cashier beside her took out 4 rm10 from his cash box and ask her give me. and the stupid lady was saying, i wanna use la! so enough la! then the dude was like.. just give la! its enough la. and she rudely gave me and said.. "NEXT TIME BRING UR SMALL CHANGE" #$%^&*@#$%^&*(@#$%^&!@#$%^&*@#$% LA! wht kind of stupid cahsier are u. i complain to the management there and u get ur butt fired then u noe. stewpid. was really pissed off and wanted to leave. but realize tht she havent gave me my tokens. urgh. RUDE like crazy.

So yeah la. tht was the only stupid thing tht day.

got home and bro gave me some cool stickers. =D thx benson. =)

Marilyn asked me if i could perform for teacher's day which was gonna be on friday! omg?! how?! no time! she asked me to dance. and so i looked for serena.. and she really wanted to dance with me.. so we discussed for a while and decided to take up the challenge. =) Never thought i'd be dancing for teachers day again in the last year of my highschool. haha. =) serena came over and we decided on which songs and all. choreo new moves.. some took from old dances. coz really had no time edy. so yeah. =/ we managed to finish the whole dance and i edited the song at night and asked Jian Yi to help me burn. =) thanks alot Jian! =)

and grandma cooked some nice Ba' Cang man! dumpling. =) woot!

thursday, final rehearsal.. serena and I spent the whole day in bilik muzik and practise over and over again! oh man! nvr in my dance history have i done super short notice performance man! its like.. one day of practise only! Aaaah! =X so we prac till 4.15pm. our bodies were aching like crazy the next monring. seriously!

#13. Teachers Day!

Teachers grand entrance on the Red carpet. lawl.

Des and Mar. emcees of the day. as always. haha.

The teacher without tudung can sing really well. seriously. =) pretty also ey. ;) haha .. the other teacher.. cikgu johana. she was like Hiii~! when she saw the camera. xD

My high ranking friends in the prefectorial board. =) gayanyer! haha.

After assembly.. i went to bilik muzik to prac 2 more times with serena. =)

Changed.. got ready and stand by at the stage..

Marilyn and serena. =)

Darling Dance Partner. =)

Parkson. Talented fella. sings,dance,guitarist,pianist and i dunno wht else. haha..


Chelsea. =D he sang with parkson.

Dan tart. Pianist. =)

Aaron Joshua. =D

Burger and Fishy.

Li Hooi!

Lyn Yie. =)

Jian Yi. =)

Wee Kee! =)

BB suddenly appeared out of no where. xD

Kok Sime. =)

Di Shen. =) Z head prefect.


Great times! haha. =)

Leb. =)

Chi Wing! =)


My favourtie Biology teacher! Pn.Salmah! =) she taught me in form 4. not this year tho. i miss her so much! =( she's like a mother really. =)

Mdm Lim! best english teacher ever! =) super up to date. and modern! sometimes more upated than me weih! hahaha.. =) seriously. she's super active on facebook. xD she's like the coolest english teacher ever la. hahaa..

So yeah. we performed .. and.. it went well.. the crowd was hyped.! =) i got alot of good and encouraging comments after. from teachers and students. thanks guys. tho. i screwed up my last freeze in the end. my leg slipped from my hand and i didn't get to do my freeze properly. i could do my freeze every single time i practised but it just HAD to happen during the the real thing. sighs. disappointed still. =( and when i watched back the video. i felt as if i didn't really give my all? i dunno. haihs. =/ oh wells. its over anyways. i think this wont be the last time i'd be performing this year anyways. nw tht alot of teachers know i can dance edy. LOL.

some comments i received.
"I din know u could dance so well! =)"
"Girl u really danced very well! how long did u practise? Wht? One day! r u serious?! it was really good! i could nvr have done tht. my back would've break!"
"Girl, u form apa? form 5? sesi petang u class apa? Ohhh.. u budak baru .. Bagus la u menari! encore la! saya nak tengok lagi!" lol.

and alot more. so yeah. it was really encouraging. hahaa.. guess i'd be performing more now. loll.. =) they were scared to allow any hip hop dance performance before this coz they scared got dances tht are.. obscene and shake here and there and those pussycat doll dance. lol. NO WAY. not in my vocabulary of dance. ;)

so yeah. nvr thought i'd be dancing for teachers day. =) reminded me of the times when i performed with benson and melissa in SMKDC. haha. great times. =)

went to the play ground after tht with bro and chelsea. =D

the last picture is super LOL-ed. xD funny la! glad i caught it! hahahahah.. =D

Really Happy but tired tht day. got to pass up my add maths project (thx to chi wing) and moral assignments in time. and got to put up a well done dance performance when we only had a day to practise. =) accomplised quite a few stuffs aint it. =)

so yeah man. thats wht've happen in this 3 weeks. =D
Long enough? hahahahaha.. most of u would've probably scroll through my pictures instead of reading. =P pretty tired now. just got back from Caleb's birthday party at Gasoline. Another long post with loads of pictures coming up. =) Hope u had fun Caleb!

whtever i wrote in tht black book was seriously, sincerely true. =)

School hols have OFFICIALLY BEGIN! WOOT! =)
i'd be going back to JB on Monday after my replacement tuition. JB HERE I COME! =D still have homework and oral.. plus tht magazine assignment to be done with! plus biology reports. PEKA. so yeah. not quite a holiday actually. maybe thats y i dont really feel.. Holiday-ish. hehs. FIRST, i need to catch up on my sleep. my eyebags are terrible. and my skin became .. not so smooth coz i was sick.. and heaty.. =( kkk. its like.. 2am in the morning man! =P.

await my next entry. Leb's Birthday Bash. ;)
Good morning and Have a great last day for the month of May!
June here we come! =)

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