Sunday, September 04, 2011


Bloggie! ahhh..

These 2 weeks.. weeks that i cannot afford any sickness or any of tht sort! i have so many plans.. degree starts tomorrow.. But guess what? The Hand Foot and Mouth disease decided to visit me.. =( Sighs.. Been getting hurt alot lately and i seriously have NOOOOO idea why!? Twisted my knee.. deprived me from dancing.. got this really small but really painful cut under my index finger idea hw i got that all of a sudden.. the minute it kena water ni.. super painnnn! =( u know, its really ironic how sometimes the smallest cuts are actually more painful compared to big wounds. like ur skin peeling near ur finger nail for example. Pain weihs tht one! then yday i had like.. slight fever and body aches.. and blisters on my feet.. but nvr thought of Hand foot and mouth disease..

nephew got it... then sis got it.. And when nephew was here i was pretty much with him all the its no wonder why i contracted the disease. heh.. Dont worry bout me tho,im fine. reaaaaallyy. =) really am fine.. its just that,i had alot of plans planned out for this week and next. but everything went out of place coz I dont want to infect anyone else. This disease will infect kids easily. adults, lesser chance of getting it. But still, i guess i shouldn't risk my classmates.. or anyone else for tht matter. so yeah. gonna be staying home for at least 3 days and i'll be back on track. i know, to most of you, You'd feel like.. Awww its okay.. ur just gonna be missing a few classes and a few plans canceled. but i guess only certain people would understand that, that is just the surface of things and there are alot of things or reasons why i felt so sad when this happened to me. sighs. =( but its okay.. i wouldn't expect any of you to understand anyways..Dont get me wrong. thanks for ur concerns really. its just that, i'd rather these few people know why im feeling the way i feel. and i dont really feel like talking about it much. Im just glad that at least 1 person knows exactly... How i am feeling. and i Thank God for that. it comforts me in a way to know that there is someone, who understands exactly how i feel and why i feel this way.

So yeah, I wont deny the fact that i'm really bumped out about all this happening, at this particular time. I really am.. But i guess there is nothing much i can do about it.. and that sometimes its best to put others safety first than ur feelings and wants. But i really hate this feeling lorh. Sighs. The same feeling i felt when i had sore eyes. felt like a disease and every1 have to be away from u and some go like "Ahh stay awayyy" they dont say it la. but they're expressions and all , i feel it. =( but its okay. Understandable.

So yups. No worries. i have a strong immune system, apparently. Coz i fought off the fever yday and body aches without meds. and my spots are quite lil. and i dont have ulcers in my mouth. so thank God for that. =) and thank God for like the best friend anyone could ever had who put a light bulb in my heart. and Made me become dreamy.. ISH U AH. hahaha.. haihs.. Love u KOJL. *dreamy face*

Hope i get better soon!
thanks for all the prayers and smses!

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