Sunday, September 11, 2011

My Mini Hollie at Sunway. =)

Hey all! =) rmb me talking abt my mini hollie? haha.. well, mum won some tickets and got a free stay at the Sunway Resort. =) So we had a mini hollie as a family..

Joshua's ability to pose different poses in every single picture amazes me! Now, u just HAVE to believe me when i say, I had no part in this! hahaha i did not teach him kays.. he is just a born poser! xD really la.. 2 yrs old only.. know hw to do diff poses edy.. amazing! haha..

and so ! we had the pleasure of chilling at the swimming pool. my first time swimming with josh!

Meet my eldest sister, Melissa. =)

The family! =) minus,Benson.

Poser or what man?! =P =P =P

Was so happy to see mummy swim. She hardly swims! EVER! 

And here is baby Maegan.. Man.. when she grows up, she's gonna be soooo pretty! her eye lashes curls up! 

Haha.. Josh so cute la.. =))))))

Then Kim came over on the last night to chill.. =) and meet my nephew and niece! Guess what?! Josh likes her!! =DDDD!

But he started role playing with her after a while.. in this picture.. he went " Okay lah~! " He mimic the exact tone and words kim said to him weih! hahahaa.. but he did it with a "rolls eyes" emotion!

Aihs so cuteee! hahahahaa...

Thank you so much for coming over twin! ISLY!

And on the last day, i had the chance to try their breakfast.. =) I think, i kinda wasted the breakfast coz i couldn't eat much. hahahaa..=P i warned them! but they still asked me to go with lil bro.. so okay lah.. hahaa...

Blessings from God. =)

Talking about blessings, Mum also won free entrance tix to sunway lagoon! =D so lil bro and i went.

And the first thing we saw at the wild life park? a Skinless mouse! creepyyy weihh..

right timing! check out the mouth =)

We thought those birds were statues. Apparently, Not! hahaha they are VERY REAL ..

And i also saw alot of animals i've never seen or even knew they existed!

The super cute squirrel! wouldn't stop scratching the glass.. hahahaa..

And it was my first time seeing a real life swan! they're so beautiful.. =)))))

actually, come to think of it, it was my first time seeing alot of animals in real life! like the swans, the skunks, an owl, eagle, deer, and so many more!

And u know, when they say wild life, they really mean it weih! hahaha birds like these and turkeys were roaming around freely! 

Super cute bear! *melts* loveeee bears!

ahaha guess what this iguana is called? GREEN iguana. contradicting much? =P

looks more yellow than green to me =P

and i spent quite a while watching the tigers. they are such interesting animals. really. =) first time heard a tiger roar! in real life.. hahaa.. so cool!

A ride we did not get to sit. =( sadly, the weather wasn't all that sunny tht day. it ws drizzling from 12pm all the way till 6pm =( boo ! so we couldn't sit on the roller coaster either. mum sure super happy. sighs.. boo-ness!

so our last ride was none other than the ferris wheel =)

Had a really great time at sunway lagoon! =) i guess the only let down was the weather. bro was so excited to try the tomohawk and roller coaster. hahaha so u can imagine his face when we sat on the ferris wheel instead. xD

More pictures to come!
be patient dear readers!
Have a great weekend! =)


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